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Comic Relief

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The Republican Mess

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We are still cleaning up the messes (plural) left behind by George W. Bush and the Republican-majority Congress during 6 years of his term in office.

Bad Mama Grizzly, Bad!

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I just saw Sarah Palin on the cover of Newsweek. Good ol’ sportswoman, fisherwoman, moose-huntin’ Sarah. None of that is bad. I’m sure the moose had it coming. It’s just she talks such gobbledegook.

A blast from the Fande past…

Fox News Is Not News

June 17, 2010


* And “Fox Business” is not a news organization. See the above link for the Orwellian-named “Freedom Watch.” Watch as Sarah Palin and Ron Paul have the freedom to speak their minds freely…after Judge Napolitano feeds them introductions on Conservative/ Republican/ Libertarian platforms, like abortion, the 2nd Amendment, and why President Obama is to blame for everything, including BP’s & Halliburton’s gusher in the Gulf of Mexico.

“Freedom Watch” sounds a whole lot like “Conservative Watch.”

Minute 20:00 of the video clip above:

Example of George Orwell-like “doublespeak”: After another leading question from the Judge that most Republicans in Congress think the Iraq War was a mistake, Ron Paul admits that most Republicans in Congress are sick of the Iraq War. (Price tag of Iraq War = approx. $1 Trillion). Without a hint of irony, the Republicans in the room discuss the country’s debt…without connecting the talk of debt to the very expensive waste of money in Baghdad.

Sarah Palin did not make the connection between the Republicans under George W. Bush stealing Trillions of dollars – for the Iraq War, for the Bush Tax Cuts, for the 2008 Wall Street bailout – and her own words: “What unites us now is this acknowledgment that we are stealing from future generations of Americans. We are committing generational theft, which is unethical, immoral. It’s not right, it should be illegal. You’re stealing opportunities from our children [those Trillions of dollars could have been used for our schools, hospitals, roads and bridges]. Because we are paying for our wants and our needs today [War, Tax Cuts, Bailout] and then expecting them [future generations] to pick up the tab. That’s why Fiscal Conservatives and Social Conservatives, and those strong on national security, are all together under this umbrella of the Tea Party movement. That’s why we’re saying enough is enough. I know I have that Social Conservative label stamped on my forehead right now, but I’m an Independent – as so many Tea Party members are – and I’m happily registered within the G.O.P. [Republican Party] because I believe that platform, that party can help build best our nation.”

* That is an example of Sarah Palin Continuing the Conservative Calamity of the 2000s. A registered GOP member does not = an Independent in any way, shape or form. And it was the George W. Bush Republicans who committed “generational theft,” but absurdly Sarah Palin still believes “that party can help build best our nation.” Sarah Palin is not all bad, she’s just a lot confused.

If you don’t recall the absurdity of the George W. Bush years, when oil men took over our country and started a false war to invade Iraq’s oil-rich country, watch this clip:

A Lovely Day

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People of the Sun

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Vote YES on Green-collar jobs by voting NO on Proposition 23. Thousands of jobs have been created and will be created by building up a Renewable-Energy Infrastructure. Electricity from the Sun could have prevented the power outages in LA, straight up.
The Grid needs help from Solar Electricity.

Californians…Vote NO on Proposition 23.

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* This time Jordan’s jersey number is a bad thing.

C’mon, extend your collective middle finger to the oil companies funding this dirty prop.

A big *$^! *@# to Valero, Tesoro and the Koch Industries, which also owns oil companies.


“Proposition 23 would suspend the state’s 2006 Global Warming Solutions Act, also known as AB 32, until unemployment in the state drops to 5.5% for a year — a level reached only three times in the last four decades. California’s joblessness rate is currently more than 12%, and the measure would have the likely effect of indefinitely postponing a series of measures designed to wean the state from burning fossil fuels.”


Comic Relief

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