Why I write

My blog is about my thoughts on the self-serving vs. the self-sacrificing elements of humanity, and specifically how the dichotomy relates to my home of California, America. I document how Wall Street f-ed us, and continues to take advantage. I offer solar electricity as a solution to stabilizing our energy costs and creating a sustainable, peaceful civilization. We’ve got to start a grassroots movement to change the way we use energy and how we treat each other: co-operate vs. exploit.

My blog is what I am thinking about, my point of view on planet Earth, backed up by fact & evidence from various, highly-accredited, named sources. I’m using Fande, fact & evidence, instead of Cande, conjecture & exaggeration, to make the world better for the majority of people.

I also enjoy music immensely, and use it as a means to identify with others who hopefully enjoy my play selections. In addition, I use comedy as a relief for all the tension of addressing the problems and solutions facing humanity. But I firmly believe that talking about our problems and posing the solutions openly and honestly (always with the aim to benefit the majority) is the only way to enact real, mutually beneficial change.

The category called “Original Thought” is where you can find my words. The “Tag Cloud” of keywords on the right-hand side of the page will take you to topic-specific posts, like “solar electricity” or “more music less war.” Use the “Older Entries” button on the bottom of each page to view as many articles as you like, at your leisure.

  1. Laura
    October 31, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    OCCUPY WALL STREET – New Song & eye-opening Video: “Where’dat Money Go?”

    For more info:



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