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The Black Keys’ new album

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President Obama = Tax Cuts for the Middle Class

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“President Obama says he wants to renew the tax cuts for all those making less than $200,000 to $250,000 a year.”


Caveat: The Wall Street Journal presents its news for a very wealthy audience. Even the title of the Op-Ed by Brett Arends on July 29, 2010, titled, “What Would Happen if the Bush Tax Cuts Expire,” slants the story with a presumptuous “if” in the headline. The Bush Tax Cuts, which cost our country’s budget $1 Trillion, were rammed down the throats of unsuspecting Americans for the benefit of the superwealthy, by a Republican-majority Congress; and as eponymously noted done so during the time of George W. Bush.

* The Bush Tax Cuts were always meant to expire. That’s the trick of the Conservatives: cut taxes for the superwealthy and then point the finger at the other party for cleaning up the Conservatives’ mess by screaming, “They’re raising taxes [for the superwealthy]!” Clarification: Conservatives usually leave out the bracketed information.

Thank God we have President Barack Obama to give Tax Cuts to the Middle Class. Because the Middle Class got shafted during the time of George W. Bush…stagnant wages, 401ks obliterated, housing values cleaved in half, double-digit unemployment, bailouts, the Great Recession.

Note: Mr. Arends does finally bring the Fande at the end of his WSJ Op-Ed.

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The Tesla Roadster 2.5

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Family Guy Season 8, Episode 4: “Brian’s Got a Brand New Bag”

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Iraq War = “Illegal”?

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“Shortly before that slip-up, Clegg threw the government’s position concerning the legality of the Iraq war into confusion when, at the end of heated exchanges with Jack Straw, foreign secretary at the time of the war, Clegg said: ‘We may have to wait for his memoirs, but perhaps one day he will account for his role in the most disastrous decision of all: the illegal invasion of Iraq.'”

Wall Street Regulation

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A few highlights:

– No more bailing out banks with our tax dollars, no more “too big to fail.” If a company’s in trouble because of risky gambles, it will have to liquidate — and do so before it can take down the rest of the financial system.

– There’s now a single agency responsible for looking out for consumers: the Bureau for Consumer Financial Protections. Instead of seven agencies dealing with these issues part-time, one agency will be in charge of establishing clear rules of the road for banks, mortgage companies, payday lenders and credit card lenders.

– Mortgage brokers won’t make a higher commission by selling people mortgages that they can’t afford. This was a major factor in the recent housing crisis. Now brokers and banks have to take into consideration a borrower’s ability to repay before giving a home loan.

– You’ll be able to get a free credit score if you’re denied a loan, an apartment, or a job because of your credit, so you won’t be turned down without knowing why. Right now, you get one free credit report a year, but you can’t see your credit score for free, even if a lender or employer rejects your application because you have bad credit.

Photovoltaics = Light Energy

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Yes We Can make energy from the Sun every day.

Light = Day Time

* See that sky that is not black? We can make electricity from that. There are photons penetrating the Earth’s atmosphere.