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Everything Under the Sun by Justin Bass

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* I highly recommend the book. I wrote it.

Everything Under the Sun


To everybody out there making it hard on others…

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That goes for the incompetent people who don’t think about anything past their own shoelaces. That goes for the greedy motherf*ckers out there working on Wall Street or in the financial services industry. That goes for the people on the freeway tailgating. That goes for the people butting in line wherever they go and not waiting in line like everybody else. That goes for those who lie, cheat and steal; and who never bother to stop what they’re doing, learn from their mistakes, and strive to do things right the next time. That goes for women who enable destructive bosses. That goes for Chinese manufacturers polluting the air and abusing their workers. That goes for George W. Bush and double for Dick Cheney. I am talking to you, people of planet Earth. Do better.

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A special FAH-Q to Apple (AAPL) for making crap computers and tablets, like the iPad, that restrict access to ESPN videos and make it difficult/frustrating/impossible to post what I want to on my own blog. FAH-Q = For All to Hear & Question. ; )


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James S. McGarry bringing the Fande

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“Instead, let’s get rid of our massive subsidies and tax loopholes for fossil fuels….tax loopholes that enable oil companies to move billions of dollars to havens overseas through subsidiary companies. In 2005 the Congressional Budget Office reported that capital investments for oil get taxed at 9 percent, far lower than the overall rate of 25 percent for businesses. They do this in part by transferring profits to other countries while reporting only losses in the U.S., and in part by a series of write-offs that have been ingrained in our tax code since 1913.

In June, the International Energy Agency found that the amount paid around the world to subsidize fossil fuels rose from $342 billion in 2007 to $557 billion in 2008. These massive subsidies and loopholes distort the energy market and artificially lower fuel prices. This protects big oil and big coal from paying the full costs of their dirty emissions. In a time of record federal deficits, cutting these subsidies is not just the environmentally responsible thing to do, it is sound fiscal policy….

Fossil fuel companies will say that ending their tax loopholes and cutting their subsidies will inhibit innovation and raise energy prices. To this I say that prices are already too low. Government price supports prevent the market from innovating its way out future energy shortfalls and cripple our nation with debt.

Some will also say that subsidizing renewable energy makes government pick winners and losers, giving too much power to bureaucrats. Energy independence, however, is a national security issue. It is not about picking winners and losers; it is about ensuring that America can meet both its future energy demands and its current demand in the event of an unforeseen crisis.”
James S. McGarry is a candidate for a masters in environmental policy at the University of Maryland.


* Oil is a “toxic asset” because it causes Oil Spills, like the biggest one ever on this planet that happened in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

God Bless John Wooden

I met him.

Getting off a beer bus on the way to the Rose Bowl, I heard a cheery growl, “Are those Bruins?!”

The ol’ smiling face of John Wooden. He sat in the passenger seat of a University SUV with the window down.

“Hey, it’s John Wooden,” I said. We all knew John Wooden: 7 in a row, 10 total, tie your shoes right, fundamentals, team work.

I shook his hand. We all did. And then we had to find the bathroom. We just got off the beer bus and we were headed to a UCLA football game. We were all Bruins on that road in Pasadena back in 1997/1998.

Good Times! I wish he was still alive.

God Bless, John Wooden.

John Wooden’s “Pyramid of Success”

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