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No “Automatic”; No “Extended Clip”

That means no automatic weapons for sale to the public, because automatic weapons inflict maximum damage and amplify human error. Hunters don’t use those guns. They use rifles, or sometimes bow & arrow. No extended clips, because using over a dozen bullets results in more carnage than is warranted in an act of self-defense. If you are being chased by terrorists or a gang or a lynch mob, dial 9-1-1. You will need more than the 2nd Amendment to get you out of that jam.

A big FAH-Q to Louie Gohmert! I question the solidity of the matter between his ears.

* FAH-Q = For All to Hear & Question. ; )

And an even bigger FAH-Q to those who use the blanket statement “video games and Hollywood” as a scapegoat for the violence that automatic weapons (and handguns with extended clips) have caused in our movie theatres, on our college campuses, and even at our elementary schools, along with all of the other senseless gun violence that occurs every day in this country.

Video games and Hollywood are not to blame. How about the hero-worshipping commercials of automatic-gun-toting soldiers paid for by the U.S. Army? Are they to blame too?

What about the “Shock & Awe” campaign of launching an illegitimate war against an innocent people, like we did in Iraq when George W. Bush was president?

Is the Bush administration to blame for inciting violence and enabling a culture of gun-toting, hero-worshipping, video-game-playing, movie-watching, crazed college-campus-going people?

You know what? We should probably focus on the guns. Like, go ahead and have guns. Put ‘em in your purse. Stash ‘em in your glove compartment. Enact Mexican standoffs with your buddies after shooting beer cans off fences. Go ahead and do all of that. Shoot a deer! Go ahead. The 2nd Amendment gives you the right to do all of that. Just don’t have an “automatic” (yeah, that means no semi-automatics either); and don’t have an “extended clip.” Go ahead America, have your guns. Oh, just one thing. Don’t kill people with them.

Remember: Republicans and Conservatives will lie, cheat and steal.


EXCERPTS from Associated Press:

“Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, was the sole representative of gun rights’ activists on the various Sunday talk shows. In an interview on ‘Fox News Sunday,’ Gohmert defended the sale of assault weapons and said that the principal at Sandy Hook Elementary School, who authorities say died trying to overtake the shooter, should herself have been armed.

‘I wish to God she had had an M-4 in her office, locked up so when she heard gunfire, she pulls it out and she didn’t have to lunge heroically with nothing in her hands. But she takes him (the shooter) out, takes his head off before he can kill those precious kids,’ Gohmert said.

Gohmert also argued that violence is lower in cities with lax gun laws, and higher in cities with stricter laws.

‘The facts are that every time guns have been allowed — conceal-carry (gun laws) have been allowed — the crime rate has gone down,’ Gohmert said.

Gun-control advocates say that isn’t true. A study by the California-based Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence determined that 7 of the 10 states with the strongest gun laws — including Connecticut, Massachusetts and California — are also among the 10 states with the lowest gun death rates.

‘If you look at the states with the strongest gun laws in the country, they have some of the lowest gun death rates, and some of the states with the weakest gun laws have some of the highest gun death rates,’ said Brian Malte of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.”

That’s what this scene needed: more guns! Then disaster would have been averted.

Gohmert is such a pile of excrement. Here’s a right-wing, conservative “reporter” with Gohmert after the mass shooting in Arizona that resulted in the death of 6 people and injuries to Representative Gabby Giffords as well as 13 other people of all ages. http://shar.es/hpVb3

More Gohmert…http://shar.es/hpPN3

Read more:




San Antonio Movie Theater Shooting: Gunman Shoots 1 In Theater Parking Lot


Tucson, Arizona…Aurora, Colorado…Newtown, Connecticut…

No More…

No More…

No More…



Gun by Andy Warhol

January 19, 2011

source: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g11/buildin_ali/3andy-warhol-gun.jpg&imgrefurl=http://dark-blue-jeans.blogspot.com/2010/08/shooting-stars.html&h=592&w=750&sz=104&tbnid=aClZ9Zn4BiavAM:&tbnh=111&tbnw=141&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dgun%2Bandy%2Bwarhol&zoom=1&q=gun+andy+warhol&hl=en&usg=__37kiQ2yyOS0MKybaIDYSYP9exI4=&sa=X&ei=QxI3TeSsK4OqsAOv29yMAg&ved=0CBcQ9QEwAA


Can we get some sensible gun laws y’all? Check out this depiction of a gun. Notice the double image and red, black, white variegation, which is intended to cause alarm. Warhol makes it look like the gun is moving – that makes a gun extra dangerous. That crazy guy Loughner had a semi-automatic Glock with a 30-bullet clip – all of which was totally legal in Arizona, and still is…until the gun started moving in a parking lot full of American citizens.


Last night:


Parents, you get to decide if your kids get to play this game…

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