Jeremy Lin


I want to see “The Beautiful Game,” whether it’s football (aka soccer), basketball, baseball, or any other athletics on display. That’s why I saw Jordan play against Magic at the Forum back in 1988. I loved the “Showtime” Lakers with Magic at the helm. Magic Johnson is my all-time favorite basketball player. I also backed Patrick Ewing’s Knicks to beat Michael Jordan’s Bulls every time, because I want to see basketball as it was intended – as a team sport with 5 players passing the ball to find the open shooter.

I enjoy watching the geometry and synchronicity of players’ movements. Gestalt! Shaq was boring to watch, in my opinion. And Kobe, while being very talented at knocking down shots as he falls away from the basket and with hands in his face, is boring to watch, in my opinion. I want movement of the ball – passes – not one man doing the bulk of the scoring with pivot-pivot-shoot, and then the next time pivot-pivot-shoot, and then rinse and repeat all game long. Basketball can be a very fluid game if everybody gets involved, and then it becomes fast-paced and exciting to watch. When I lived in New York City during the 2000s, I saw the Knicks beat the Kings at Madison Square Garden and I saw the Knicks lose to the Heat at Madison Square Garden. I enjoy the New York Knicks’ style of gritty, get-it-done-as-a-team basketball; and I also admired Allan Houston’s beautiful jump shot.

Jeremy Lin is a Rocky Balboa story. Lin believed in himself and kept fighting for his chance to shine, no matter how many teams cut him from their rosters. The Golden State Warriors gave Lin an average of something like 9 minutes per game before letting him go. The Houston Rockets also waived Lin. Reminder: Lin won the California high school championship against Mater Dei and scored 30 points against top-25-ranked Connecticut when he played at Harvard. No NBA team drafted Lin, but he persevered. Everybody kept cutting him from their team like he was a good-for-nothing bum, a la Rocky, when really Lin has the heart of a champion inside him, just like the legendary, although fictional, boxer.

Jeremy Lin is a highly skilled point guard who makes other players better. That’s what I want to see when I watch the game of basketball. I can see my own triumphs over adversity resembling Jeremy Lin’s underdog success. He is an inspiration to me.


When sport transcends to the point of Art, it is called “The Beautiful Game.”©


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