President Barack Obama = Clean-up Hitter

“Hey Barack,” the Republicans say. “We got a few things we need you to clean up.”

“Yeah?” answers the tall, Democratic man. “What is there to clean up?”

“Well, there’s the banking system,” they say. “And Iraq…and Afghanistan…and Osama bin Laden may still be out there…and there are  a whole bunch of unemployed people in the U.S.”

Three years later…

– The financial system is functioning, banks are lending more than before, and the stock market is off its Great Recession low of below 7,000.

– We are ending the war in Iraq.

– Osama bin Laden is dead.

– Unemployment decreased to 8.6%.

– Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re still working on Afghanistan.

Four out of five ain’t bad for a clean-up hitter. Albert Pujols is just like Barack Obama, except one plays baseball and one is President of the United States. But they’re both consummate clean-up hitters.


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