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Representing the 99 percent is not Socialism; representing the 99 percent is Democracy!

Libertarians are anti-Government; Libertarians are anti-Civilization.

Government = Civilization; Civilization = Government.

Go back through your history books, and open your eyes to what is going on circa 2011 on planet Earth. Government and Civilization go together like fingers and hands.

The anti-Government policies promoted by the Koch-heads and the Ayn-Rand acolytes, like Ron Paul, are designed to let the rich steal all of the loot and not to benefit the majority of Americans. Ron Paul could not give a f*ck if you do not have affordable health care. Like Matt Taibbi said about Randians, they believe “pay for your own f*cking schools.”

Government is good; Civilization is good. Both Government and Civilization are good.

* We need taxes to pay for our schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, and on and on.


“Ron Paul Calls Elizabeth Warren a ‘Socialist,’ Says Government Goes Too Far”


Ron Paul is a sophist, which means he presents steaming hot piles of horseshit as the truth; but when he’s feeding them to you, at the time, they don’t smell like the droppings of a farm animal. It’s only after you spit his words back out and parse the meanings of them that you can open the verbal turds and smell the odorific nonsense putrefying right under your nose.
“He responded to Warren’s argument that a wealthy person has benefited from government in areas like security and roads and should give back.

‘She’s a socialist,’ Paul said. ‘She wants the government to do all this.”

‘When the state runs things that is a socialist [Bullshit! That is called government…as in government pays for schools, hospitals, roads, bridges and on and on. Ron Paul incorrectly calls all of that socialist] that it should be a collective,’ he said. ‘I preach home schooling and private schooling and competition in schools.’

[Hello! We all pay taxes so that we can pay for our schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, and on and on. What scrambled Ron Paul’s brain not to understand how civilization works in a democratic society?]

‘But what she forgets – she’s right. By the use of force…the government comes with a gun and they take money from you and they build a highway that incidentally you can use because you don’t have any other choices.’
[Perfect example of demagoguery – playing on people’s emotional biases. Exaggeration/hyperbole: no physical gun has been presented by our government to take taxes from us; the IRS sends letters in the mail and our elected representatives in Congress, as designed in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, “lay and collect Taxes” in order to “To establish Post Offices and post Roads” and “To regulate Commerce,” among other things.]

[* And I drive on surface streets all the time, instead of using highways. I’m glad the highways are there, of course.]

‘Governments are always destructive in the production of wealth,’ said Paul. ‘They pretend they are going to take care of us like – well the government is going to give us a house – look at what happened to the house. The big guys all got bailed out who ripped us off and the derivatives in the bank, they’re still being protected. Middle class lost it and they lost their houses, so her whole argument is wrong.’”

That rambling dither rolling off Ron Paul’s tongue is called “Leading To False Conclusions” or “Constructing A False Argument” or “A Non-Sequitur Argument”…To explain: because the Perfect Shitstorm of George W. Bush’s policies of Tax Cuts that mainly benefited the Superwealthy along with a Ron Paul/AynRand-like ideology of “no regulation” on the financial sector led to a Bush/Paulson bailout of the Wall Street banks and little-to-no help for underwater home-owners does not mean that we should stop collecting taxes to pay for our schools, hospitals, roads and bridges, along with our military, and on and on.

That’s what Dogma looks like folks. Twisted, contorted, demagoguery, sophistry and right-wing propaganda that has been proved wrong many times. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush tried “Trickle-Down Economics,” but both Reagan and Bush 2 left the majority of Americans with deficits and stagnant wages. “Trickle-Down” does not “Trickle-Down.” You can’t pull the wool over my eyes three times.


Remember: Republicans and Conservatives will lie, cheat and steal.

Fande = Fact & Evidence; Cande = Conjecture & Exaggeration

Bring your Fande, leave your Cande!

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