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Wall Street does not necessarily lead to jobs for Main Street America

Take Apple for an example. The stock trades at about $400 per share right now on the Nasdaq exchange. However, the company manufactures a majority of its products in China, and thereby provides jobs for Chinese workers at the expense of American workers.

What Wall Street doesn’t get, and what Corporate America doesn’t get, is that you guys are supposed to be providing jobs for Americans and manufacturing in the U.S.A., and not getting busy about making the #1 company in America a good stock buy in exchange for shipping jobs overseas. That kind of business model is as counterproductive as selling your shoes for a hat when you’re about to run a marathon. Banksters and Big Wigs, pay attention to the protest in lower Manhattan. Those people are real. We have 300 million-plus of them in this country. We need jobs to go along with the stocks, and not one without the other.

* A business is an entity that provides a product or a service at a reasonable price for the good of the community.

I heard that said during a moderator-led discussion on National Public Broadcasting. Wall Street and the current form of Corporate America have forgotten to benefit the good of the community, the 300 million people of the United States of America. Bring back “Made in the U.S.A.” Let’s at least make some of the products we buy at home, so those at home have jobs. It’s pretty simple: $400 per share doesn’t do us much good if persistent high unemployment brings down the quality of life on Main Street.

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