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George W. Bush makes millions of dollars for speaking in public?

source: http://articles.nydailynews.com/2011-05-22/news/29592566_1_bush-and-reagan-george-w-bush-fees


“George W. Bush rakes in $15 million in speaking fees since leaving office….

No. 43’s standard speaking fee is reportedly between $100,000 and $150,000 and Bush has delivered almost 140 paid talks since leaving the Oval Office, the Center for Public Integrity reported.”

Wow! George W. Bush could hardly string together a coherent sentence a lot of the time. I’m not saying he was incomprehensible, but you could see the guy struggling: (1) when he blew his cheeks out in exasperation instead of answering a question during the debate with John Kerry in 2004 (2) when he simply blinked into the camera for longer than anyone thought possible instead of answering a question during the debate with John Kerry in 2004 (3) his touchstone buffoonery moment when he couldn’t get the punchline right, but instead said “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…A fool can’t get fooled again.” (4) In a stump speech: “You want to put food on your family.” (5) “America is addicted to oil [‘Oh, wait! That’s me,’ he should have been saying]” (6) “Bring ’em on.” (7) “He’s got ’em.” (8) Question from journalist: What did Iraq have to do with the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center? Answer from President George W. Bush standing behind the lectern on stage at the White House press briefing room: “Nothing!”

Yeah, please speak to us. Tell us the answers. Pssshaw! George W. Bush did not do one thing right while he was President of the United States. I defy anyone to make a list of policies from the George W. Bush administration that benefited the majority of Americans. Ok, the only thing that I can give him credit for is making a nationally protected area out of a coral reef off Hawaii, and thereby protecting it for generations to come; but that was really a last-ditch effort to claim he did something good for the environment after he mostly exploited our land for fossil-fuel companies’ profits. Yes, he did break up the terrorist training camps in Afghanistan, however even that turned into a blown play.

For the most part, George W. Bush was a natural disaster when it came time for environmental decisions. For example, he opened up areas within national parks for logging and oil drilling.

source: http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=990DE3D91731F930A15755C0A9619C8B63

“In the Pinchot woods, you see the George W. Bush public lands legacy. If you want to drill, or cut trees, or open a gas line — the place is yours. Most everything else has been trashed or left to bleed to death.”

As far as George W. Bush’s war-time legacy?

Wrong-way George>>>Breaking up the terrorist training camps in Afghanistan: good. Letting Osama bin Laden escape: bad. Starting a false war in Iraq for the majority benefit of military contractors, like Dick Cheney’s Halliburton: priceless.

Remember, it took the Democratic president, Barack Obama, in order to get Osama bin Laden.


So as far as those speaking engagements go, what can George W. Bush tell us?

(1) Hey George, how do we turn a surplus into a deficit?

(2) Hey George, how do you start two wars while cutting taxes?

(3) Hey George, can you show us how to allow “Too-Big-To-Fail” banks to regulate themselves like you and your S.E.C. did with Subprime-mortgage-backed securities? Especially from 2004-2007, after you were re-elected?

(4) Hey George, then can you show us how to pitch the public on a $700 billion bailout plan that should increase lending by banks, but then double-cross the public by using the $700 billion just for the good of the banks without increasing lending to the public?

(5) Hey George, can you also bring Dick Cheney along for your next speech? ‘Cause we would love to know how to shoot somebody in the face.



Oh, say can you see?…May Day, May Day, May Day!!!


We’re gonna talk about what happened in the 2000s…’cause the kids don’t know. A lot of adults, too. So, here we go!


People ask me why I’m so angry?…

“Obama’s President, so you should be happy.”

The reason why I tell ‘em I’m upset

‘Cause y’all [expletive] still don’t get it

Bush & Cheney raped our country

They used 9-11 just to make some money

Tell me where the hell is Halliburton today?

‘Cause they sure as shit ain’t in the U.S.A.

Started in Houston, ended up in Dubai

Can any y’all listening tell me why?

It’s ’cause of the government scratchin’ their backs

Halliburton got paid, but they didn’t pay tax

Follow the dots, from Enron to A.I.G…

Corruption & Failure is what you get with that Dick Cheney



Oh, say can you see?…May Day, May Day, May Day

Now can we give Peace a Chance?

And strip away layers of Ignorance?


Oh yeah, y’all remember Katrina

The corruption & failure continued with F.E.M.A.

The people in New Orleans

Our sons & daughters

Rescue workers couldn’t even get them water

Like the failure of the war in Iraq

Remember all the bombs? And the “Awe & Shock”?

Bin Laden, Afghanistan…alive and still free

Bush put our Army in the wrong country

More money when it’s “War 4 Oil”!

Not just Halliburton, but also Carlyle

Bush cronies keep lining their pockets

Business is a gun, they’re happy to cock it



Oh, say can you see?…May Day, May Day, May Day

Now can we give Peace a Chance?

And strip away layers of Ignorance?

* Can you hear me?


Behind the scenes the Bush S.E.C.

They ok’d Subprime, Madoff, A.I.G.

This is 8 years after Bill Clinton

He cashed out $200 billion

Bush spent it all, and more out the ass…

Tax cuts for the rich, no-bid contracts

And y’all, guess what else got cut?

Health care for the soldier and his wounded gut

Why did Bush claim God on his side,

When he was shotgun in the Devil’s ride on the sly?

He left one hell of a mess to clean up…

And now he’s back in Texas raising his cup



Oh, say can you see?…May Day, May Day, May Day

Now can we give Peace a Chance?

And strip away layers of Ignorance?


* But I got Hope…for the Future… now that Obama’s President…


Read more:


“A NEW book out last week reported that President Bush wants to hop on the lecture circuit when he leaves office in 2009 — ‘replenish the ol’ coffers,’ as he put it in Robert Draper’s account of his presidency, Dead Certain.

‘I don’t know what my dad gets,’ the president told Mr. Draper. ‘But it’s more than 50, 75’ thousand dollars a speech.”

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