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The Carlyle Group files for an I.P.O. (Initial Public Offering)

More money when it’s “War 4 Oil”!

Not just Halliburton, but also Carlyle

Bush cronies keep lining their pockets

Business is a gun, they’re happy to cock it


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“The Carlyle Group officially wants to join the exclusive club of publicly traded private equity giants.

Carlyle filed for an initial public offering on Tuesday, a long-awaited development that will finally shed light on the investment firm’s business.

The securities filing listed a provisional fund-raising target of $100 million, which is likely to change over time. That number is used to calculate the registration fee.

Founded in 1987, Carlyle manages $153 billion in assets across 86 funds and 49 fund of funds, according to the filing. It employs more than 1,100.

The firm, which is based in Washington, reported $2.8 billion in revenue last year and $1.5 billion in net income attributable to Carlyle. Using economic net income, a pro forma accounting figure preferred by private equity firms, Carlyle earned just over $1 billion….

Carlyle’s public offering will also allow the firm’s current stakeholders to cash out, including its co-founders and senior executives. Mubadala, an investment arm of Abu Dhabi, purchased a 7.5 percent stake in 2007 and made an additional $500 million investment late last year. And the giant California pension fund Calpers has owned at least a 5.5 percent stake in the firm for several years.”



“Industry-Focused. We have adopted an industry-focused approach to investing. We have particular industry expertise in aerospace, defense and government services, consumer and retail, financial services, healthcare, industrial, technology and business services, telecommunications and media and transportation. As a result, we believe that our in-depth knowledge of specific industries improves our ability to source and create transactions, conduct effective and more informed due diligence, develop strong relationships with management teams and use contacts and relationships within such industries to identify potential buyers as part of a coherent exit strategy. As the firm has expanded to include teams in Europe, Asia, Japan, South America, Sub-Saharan Africa and MENA, the industry groups have also grown and reach across even more geographies, disciplines and funds.” 



‎”The Carlyle Group is one of the nation’s largest and most politically connected private equity firms. Over the years the firm has employed George H. W. Bush and the former British Prime Minister John Major.”


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