Reject the Republican Political Coup


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I am amazed at the deceit of the Republicans in control of the House of Representatives right now. They have contrived instability in the global economy with this unnecessary debt ceiling debate for the sake of scoring political points about fixing the national deficit.
* The truth is that raising the debt ceiling has to do with paying for expenses that we, as a country, have already incurred. Many of the expenses are a direct result of the wasteful spending of George W. Bush and the Republican-majority Congress in both houses during his presidency. Raising the debt ceiling does not have anything to do with lowering the national deficit. But these games the Republicans are playing with our national credit rating affect everyone in this country and everyone around the world.

Republicans ruined the global economy. The Great Recession is the result of Republican Party Rule. Once again the Republicans are to blame, this time for stalling the debt ceiling talks. President Obama has been bending over backwards to find a compromise. The Republicans seem to want to use non-cooperation as a political strategy.

Witness the dangerous game of sabotage that the Republicans are playing right now with their politicking. Republicans are saying “You want Bush Tax Cuts? Ok, you got ’em, but we’re going to give those tax cuts mainly to the SuperWealthy…oh, yeah, and then down the road we are going to cut the shit out of programs like Social Security, Medicare, etc.”

And I be like, “But can’t we just raise tax revenues? Let’s end the Bush Tax Cuts and readjust tax levels to the Clinton era, when everybody was flush with $cash$. Oh, and we should also raise the tax rates of hedgefund managers above 15 percent.”

You know what else, though? We can boycott Republicans. Stop voting for Republicans. It is the Democrats who continue to provide benefits for the majority of Americans. If you bought a home last year, it is the Democrats who helped you afford your home purchase with a big tax credit. Increasing the fuel standard of new vehicles to 54 mpg is just the latest example of positive policies generated from the Democratic Party. I don’t subscribe to party ideology. I vote for the best solutions that benefit the majority of Americans, which the Democrats are providing right now.



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