F*ckin’ Republicans…




“‘The new Republican majority seems intent on restoring the robber-baron era where there were no controls on pollution from power plants, oil refineries and factories,’ said Representative Henry A. Waxman, a California Democrat, excoriating the proposal on the floor….

There is little chance that all the 39 proposals identified by Democrats will be approved by the Senate, which they control, or that a substantial number could elude a presidential veto. In fact, one measure — to forbid the Fish and Wildlife Service to list any new plants or animals as endangered — was so extreme that 37 Republicans broke ranks Wednesday and voted to strip it from the bill….

[A Republican proposed measure] would prevent the Bureau of Land Management from designating new wilderness areas for preservation. Another would severely restrict the Department of Interior’s ability to police mountaintop-removal mining. And then there is the call to allow new uranium prospecting near Grand Canyon National Park.”


We have to label things: orange, apple, man, woman. Words exist so that we can call things by recognizable names instead of grunting while pointing, which doesn’t work over the internet. I use words to grab the attention of the reader, because it is important to realize the economic calamity that Republicans leave in their wake when they cut taxes and eliminate environmental regulations for the top 1-2% richest people in this country at the expense of the rest of us.
The Conservatives call this “trickle-down.” The only problem is that “recession-down” has been the result under Ronald Reagan/Bush I and Bush II. Of course, George W. Bush’s recession was so special that we called it “The Great Recession.” Look at the economic data from a reputable source and you will see that under Republicans the rich get richer while the majority of Americans lose wealth. With Clinton, everybody gained wealth in every economic group, except maybe the poorest of the poor. But the Middle Class prospered and many became Upper Middle Class during the 1990s.
Right now, the Republican Party is a shill for greedy corporations. It’s about money. Republicans take from the poor and give to the rich. And by Republicans I mean Republican politicians, elected representatives. The Congressional Republican leaders do not seem to care about protecting public lands near National Parks for future generations to enjoy. They seem to prefer uranium mining (presumably for nuclear energy) and drilling/fracturing the earth for oil and natural gas…right next to National Parks! The process for acquiring natural gas is called “fracking,” which is short for fracturing. Accidents can occur that contaminate the nearby groundwater. Since visitors to National Parks want to drink water, it is not advisable to allow an industrial energy operation in the vicinity. Try explaining that to a greedy Republican.
And that’s why I wrote: “F*ckin’ Republicans…”




“A Duke University study finds high methane levels in ground water near where fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, has occurred. Fracking is a controversial practice to extract natural gas from shale.” 

Corporations have all the advantages over the labor force since 2009. During this Great Recession companies are making existing employees take on another person’s job instead of hiring somebody else and then having to pay an extra salary. The corporations and the banks got bailed out – everybody was borrowing from the FED on top of TARP – but the American workers are getting hung out to dry.

* Click the Dilbert link (7-7-11) for an example of corporations squeezing the labor force for more work without more pay, while simultaneously not hiring during the Great Recession.


On top of all of the economic messes left in the wake of the Bush White House and the Republican majority in both houses of Congress for 6 years of Bush’s presidency, Republicans want to trample through public lands for oil and natural gas by weakening the Environmental Protection Agency during Barack Obama’s presidency. That’s not cool. And this environmental disregard is a pattern of action for Republicans. Did you not read or hear about Tim DeChristopher who faked an auction buy during an 11th hour public land auction in December 2008, just before George W. Bush left office? The Republican White House tried to rush through some sales of plots near National Parks in Utah for oil&gas drilling. DeChristopher bid and won for some land, but he did not have the money to pay. He just received his sentence in court: 2 years in prison. He considers what he did an act of Civil Disobedience, like when black people sat at “White Only” lunch counters for the first time in the 1950s.






“The problem with American politics right now is Republican extremism, and if you’re not willing to say that, you’re helping make that problem worse.” — Paul Krugman


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