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Rupert Murdoch = The Cult of Irresponsibility

According to Rupert Murdoch’s testimony in front of British Parliament concerning employees of his media empire engaging in criminal activity – hacking private cellphone messages for public report as well as bribing members of the police – as Chief Executive Officer, he takes no responsibility.

* News Corporation paid out almost £1 million pounds as part of legal settlements concerning phone hacking victims, and Rupert Murdoch didn’t know about it? WTF does he do all day? He’s the CEO, so he should know about payments in legal cases, eh? Because if Rupert Murdoch doesn’t know what’s going on in his company, and James Murdoch doesn’t know what’s going on either, then maybe it’s time for regime change at News Corp.

Because such negligence or irresponsibility exists at the highest executive levels of News Corp during instances of criminality that led to the two top cops at Scotland Yard resigning, the arrest of Andy Coulson (aide to Prime Minister David Cameron), along with Rebekah Brooks and Les Hinton jumping the News Corp ship before Brooks’ arrest, possibly it is time for Rupert and James Murdoch, as the irresponsible bystanders, to follow the trend by also tendering their resignations…for the greatest public good. The way the Murdochs talked on Tuesday, I had a feeling that this phone hacking and bribing police could very easily happen again; and their response would be predictably, “I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. Wasn’t us.”

This is the grand scheme of big business on planet Earth? To have the Murdochs running a multi-billion dollar media empire that reaches around the globe is beyond disturbing. Wow! No responsibility. None. It is time to break up News Corp’s holdings because these irresponsible Murdochs have way too much power to influence the public and corrupt public servants. Especially when they admit that they don’t know what’s going on; it’s all news to them. Maybe the irresponsibility they cultivated at News Corp reaches all levels of employees throughout the company? I don’t know, I’m just asking the question. Where does the irresponsibility at News Corp stop if it goes all the way to the top?

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