Open Letter to President Obama

Mr. President,

Grow a pair of balls and tell the Republicans in the House of Representatives to raise the debt limit…without any concessions. You did not cause the budgetary mess. George W. Bush and the Republicans – who had the majority control of both houses of Congress for 6 out of the 8 years of Bush’s calamitous presidency – ramrodded tax cuts for the superwealthy and an unpaid Medicare drug benefit into the national coffers (during a time of the Iraq War being paid for with “supplementals” or off-the-books accounting).

* And that was before the $700 billion bailout of the Wall Street banks, started in 2008 by Bush’s Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson, ex-CEO of Goldman Sachs.

Please, Mr. President, stand up to the Republicans, whose disastrous economic nostrums led us into the need to raise the debt limit. You took the job of President willingly and put the burdens of a nation on your back, but don’t let the Republicans ride you like a gelded mule.

We need you around for two terms to fix all the messes left behind by George W. Bush and the Republican-led Congress of the 2000s. Grow a pair and we’ll re-elect you.

This need to raise the debt limit is directly related to Republican designs (profligate tax cuts) and dreamt up chimeras (unnecessary Iraq War). We need to raise the debt limit to fix all the economic messes Bush & Co. left behind. It can not be done the other way around. We can not fix all the economic messes without raising the debt limit. So, please, raise the debt limit.

Sincerely, your fellow American


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Fande = Fact & Evidence; Cande = Conjecture & Exaggeration

Bring your Fande, leave your Cande!

  1. July 8, 2011 at 7:09 pm

    I actually feel a little sorry for Obama…he’s starting to look really old and stressed out!

  2. July 11, 2011 at 11:15 pm

    Much Respect to your blog:

    Everyone should check it out. It matters what happens when we elect incompetent half-wits, like George W. Bush, who claim the presidency as a carte blanche opportunity to give tax cuts to the rich and our tax dollars to military contractors during unnecessary wars, like in Iraq. On top of that, when we let Wall Street regulate itself…we get Trillion dollar bailouts that rescue not just our banks but also our car industries and major corporations ($9 Trillion in FED loans inside and outside the U.S.; I repeat from our FED)…all of this resulted in demolished home prices during the Subprime-mortgage backed securities free-for-all by the likes of Goldman Sachs and AIG. Also, stock portfolios lost half their value (everyone’s 401ks) and millions of Americans joined the ranks of the unemployed.

    * We had double-digit unemployment right after George W. Bush – 10.1% was the official number, but the real unemployment figure is bigger because the counting system allows people to fall off the counting sheet. For real).

    Stay positive somehow, someway. Personally, I think the economy will be on a stable footing and growing in 2013, during President Obama’s second term. The Republicans of the 2000s under George W. Bush f*cked up this country’s economy and the global marketplace so bad we had to call it something serious, like the Great Recession (October 2007 to ???).

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