Republicans Are The Problem

* Two-pronged approach to problems & solutions: identify the problem, identify the solution.

Problem = Republicans (the party of George W. Bush and the majority Congress during 6 years of his presidency that brought you the false war in Iraq, tax cuts for the SuperWealthy, and the Great Recession).

Solution = Stop voting for Republicans


“Starting on Wednesday, the [Republican-majority House Financial Services Committee] is expected to pass bills to cripple the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, one of the most important innovations in the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law….

Worse, the bill would lower the standard for exercising a veto. Under current law, a veto is allowed if other regulators deem consumer bureau rules a threat to systemwide stability — a high hurdle. Under the bill, a veto would require only that other regulators find the bureau rules ‘inconsistent’ with safety and soundness. In other words, if a rule might cause banks to be less profitable, say, by curbing tricky and excessive fees, it could be vetoed by bank-friendly regulators….

Unless the [Obama] administration offers a quick, full-throated defense, the agency may never fulfill its promise. And the process by which Congress is bought and sold — and consumers and taxpayers are hung out to dry — will be, once again, on full display.”

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