Congratulations William & Kate

Sending good vibes from Cali to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge)))))))

What a spectacularly beautiful day of British pageantry and romantic tradition. 

I have to also thank you for setting a good example by driving a car that runs on something other than petrol. Here’s hoping there’s a plug-in electric vehicle in the future of the Royal fleet.


“The car was a 21st birthday present to Prince Charles from his mother in 1969 and, like many middle-aged men’s sports cars, it spends most of its life these days in the garage, used only occasionally for jaunts around the country lanes of Gloucestershire and doing only a couple of hundred miles a year.

It has, however, impeccably green credentials in contrast to most 1960 sports cars, having been converted to run on bioethanol fuel – and not just any old bioethanol but converted from surplus British wine. So it runs on plonk – all part of Charles’s green initiatives: his other cars, Jaguars, an Audi and a Range Rover have all been converted to run on used cooking fat.”

Love those Range Rovers and Jaguars running on biofuel, but Rolls-Royce makes a plug-in electric version now. Just add solar-electric panels on the roof of the castle (or a photovoltaic ground-mount) in order to charge the horseless carriages with the CO2-free power of the Sun.

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