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Barcelona beat Madrid, at Madrid! Lionel Messi scored twice!

The Catalans play at home against the Merengues next week. Most goals goes to Wembley!


When sport transcends to the point of Art, it is called “The Beautiful Game.”©

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EXCERPT from The New York Times:

“To score once in the Bernabeu was a joy, to do it twice beyond expectation — even for Messi. But Messi, a diminutive Argentine with gargantuan talents, danced his way through a startled, exhausted Real once more before the final whistle.

Real had six defenders between Messi and the net when he received the ball from a crafty, nonchalant flick from Xavi Hernández. What followed was pure Messi, pure genius. The first opponent to him, Lassana Diarra, attempted to block him with a body check. Messi felt the contact but wriggled away.

The next challenger, Álvaro Arbeloa, failed to make contact with Messi or the ball. And the next, the Brazilian fullback Marcelo, was simply outpaced as Messi rushed past him, the ball a magnet to Messi’s feet. Then, the coup de grâce, Messi pulled goalkeeper Iker Casillas toward him and stroked the ball along the ground inside the far post.

Two magic moments, from a magician in soccer shoes. Everyone by now knows what Messi is capable of doing, but knowing it and preventing it are poles apart.”



“Wednesday’s Champions League semifinal match was supposed to be FC Barcelona taking on Real Madrid. Instead, it turned into the Lionel Messi show.”


EXCERPTS from The Telegraph:

“Arsène Wenger, who has suffered at the Argentine’s balletic feet more than most, yesterday joined the throng who think Messi may ultimately be recognised as the greatest ever. ‘Yes, he is that good,’ conceded the Arsenal manager after this time having the opportunity to enjoy Messi’s freakish dismantling of a Real Madrid team set up specifically to suffocate him….

As Wenger yesterday noted of Messi: ‘He has mental qualities: humility, desire to play, happiness to help the team, always desire, you never see any bad reaction despite all the kicks he gets.

‘When you look at the numbers, you have to kneel down and say they are fantastic. When a guy scores 52 and has 25 assists in a season, when it is so difficult to score a goal in modern football, you just have to say it is absolutely exceptional.’”


EXCERPT from The Sun:

“The only highlight was Lionel Messi’s second goal. A terrific strike from the best player in the world.”

– Harry Redknapp, manager (coach) of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club in London, England.


EXCERPT from the UK Guardian:

“6 Lionel Messi will do something completely different. What is it with Messi? He still looks like a man who has wandered into all this corporate footballing homogeneity from a supercharged version of the 1970s. Looking at his standard-issue scurrying gait, his shrugging, mousey demeanour, and then witnessing the preternatural skittering electricity in those feet, you wonder why there hasn’t ever been one of these before, or even hundreds of them. This is not an otherworldly, unimaginable state of genius. He is just normal – but normal times a million.”


EXCERPT from The Sydney Morning Herald

“[Lionel Messi’s second goal] redefined what is possible in the modern game, a slaloming run that belongs only on FIFA 11 or at the feet of a true genius.”


CORRECTION: A previous version of this post cited Lionel’s nickname as “Lio,” as pronounced in his native language of Spanish. Mr. Messi has “Leo” embossed on his fire-orange football boots, and uses the nickname – with English pronunciation – on his official website.

source: http://www.leomessi.com/eng/index.html



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