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Barcelona beats Arsenal, Referee says

* Arsenal could have advanced on aggregate points if the game had finished 1-1, when Robin van Persie left the field due to a red card. Of course, Barcelona had to score 2 more goals to advance, and they did that. In great style, too…but the Gunners only had 10 men at the time.

Why was Robin van Persie sent off? I didn’t see it. I had to take a piss just then. What I didn’t know was that when I wasn’t looking the referee was taking the piss, making a mockery of the game. I was at the nearby Irish Pub because the TV crapped out just before kickoff. The 52-inch flat-screen went black. Cable-satellite-electronic failure. Thankfully, football – the real football – is a worldwide sport. I came in at minute 13 for this epic match…one pint per half, and I tipped the lady bartender well. The regular day-drinkers were at the bar chatting it up. Three other tables filled up with fans to watch the game, played live in Barcelona, Spain and watched in Southern California, U.S.A.


I gotta give it up to Messi. The man is amazing around the goal. That was a sorcerer’s pass from Iniesta to Messi, who performed his own magic by flicking the ball over the impeding goalkeeper and back to himself so that he could volley the ball into the back of the net for the first goal of the game. Xavi was magnificent, benefitting from Iniesta’s feed once more, via David Villa this time. Then Messi’s expertly taken penalty kick. Sergio’s slip o’ the head no longer mattered.

But why was the spectacularly gifted Dutch striker sent off? The referee gave him a second yellow card for having a shot in the direction of the goal after the whistle. Thus debilitating the English side with only 10 men for the rest of the game. That is an example of bad officiating. After all the sacrifices the players and teams make, after all the sacrifices we fans make to watch the games when TVs crap out and we have to watch at local pubs, we all deserve to have a fair match with 11 players versus 11 players…and not have one team play a man down when the game is tied 1-1 with 30-plus minutes left to play.

That’s bullshit, ref. FIFA and UEFA, look into this. The Blaugrana performed admirably, but they won under questionable conditions.


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