Barack Obama Means Business

We need to change the Corporate Tax Code…so that corporations can make plenty of money and the United States gets revenues to pay for our roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, and on and on –minute 17:00

We need smart regulations; Smart regulations made refrigerators better – minute 22:00

We need affordable Health Care for all Americans…which will also save corporations money – minute 24:00

We need to lift the standard of living for all Americans, not just give more profits to companies -minute 25:00

We need U.S. corporations to use their record $2 Trillion cash-on-hand to hire unemployed Americans, which will increase spending in the economy and increase profits for corporations – minute 29:00

We need to…what?…increase the Military-Industrial Complex? – minute 32:00

No, no, no Mr. President!

* More music, less war…unless there’s an imminent threat (non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction do not apply).

Background on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a lobbying group:

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