Target = Motive


Loughner didn’t just walk into that parking lot in front of the supermarket with his overloaded Glock because he wanted some donuts. He did it because a Democratic representative of Congress was hosting an event. This representative’s name also happened to be in the crosshairs of an icon on Sarah Palin’s map. Just sayin’. Coincidence? Yes, probably. Maybe? I don’t know. But the name of “Gabrielle Giffords” is right there on Sarah Palin’s map, under the criss-crossed markings and rounded with a circle. The symbol is unmistakably the sight of a hunting rifle.

Right now, Loughner appears to be a “right-wing nut” who has got his own brand of “right-wing nuttery.” He wasn’t lookin’ for donuts and he wasn’t looking for a cappuccino. Loughner was in that parking lot to take out a target. His motive was to take out a target, whose name is Gabrielle Giffords…may she recover fully.

Nah, I’m not buyin’ the “crazy”-defense all by itself, without there being a political component to Saturday’s events. Sell it to me. Loughner just wanted to let off some bullets, and happened upon the congresswoman’s event while getting a donut and a cappuccino – while packing his Glock with the extended clip of 30 bullets? Yeah, sure, that’s what crazy people do. Then we need some gun laws y’all. One way or another I want some justice outta this one. Real justice. None of that George W. Bush bullshit. Man, that guy says “justice,” watch your pants. He’s ’bout to pull ’em down, and do the naughty on you. I’m talkin’ no extended clips and no semi-automatic/automatic weapons on the streets of the U.S.A. kind of Justice!

May we have no more “right-wing nuttery.” Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, FAH-Q!

FAH-Q = For All to Hear & Question. ; )



“When left and right contend over the meaning of incidents like this, the sanity of the perpetrator becomes a big issue. Back when Major Nidal Hasan killed 13 people at Fort Hood, the right emphasized how sane he was and the left how crazy he was. The idea was that if Hasan was sane, then he could be viewed as a coherent expression of the Jihadist ideology that some on the right say is rampant in America. In the case of Loughner, the right was quick to emphasize that he was not sane and therefore couldn’t be a coherent expression of right-wing ideology. Then, as his ideology started looking more like a left-right jumble, and his weirdness got better documented, a left-right consensus on his craziness emerged.”


All things are happening at the same time. Possibilities:

(1) Both Nidal Hasan and Loughner, being of sound and clear mind, targeted political enemies.

(2) Neither Hasan nor Loughner targeted political enemies, they’re just crazy guys.

(3) Both Hasan and Loughner are crazy-f*ckin’ guys because they actually premeditated and targeted their political enemies with guns and bullets; and there was a lot of blood and dead people as a result.


* I’m going with 3.

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