FAH-Q Heritage Foundation

* FAH-Q = For All to Hear & Question. ; )

For lagniappe, here is Thomas Jefferson’s sentence as originally written:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

I like the “all men are created equal” part. And the “pursuit of happiness.” That’s pretty cool, too. : )

Watch out for that conservative propaganda coming at you from all angles. These youtube videos…watch ’em and notice how the Heritage Foundation presents the quote “We hold these truths to be self-evident…” or how the on-screen time for oil companies looks like hardworking, middle class, family-owned small businesses, as though BP and Halliburton did not exist as oil companies. You can see in the other two videos that Ronald Reagan sure could act enough to deliver a good speech. Unfortunately, he left America with a staggering deficit that we only climbed out of thanks to the late 1990s tech boom under Clinton, which turned out to be an over-inflated bust thanks to Wall Street’s greed…even though Yahoo, Google, and other dot-com start-ups and successfully launched public companies from that era still survive and thrive. It’s called the Nasdaq. Look it up.

What really brought down the economy was Enron, Tyco and WorldCom collapsing in the early 2000s.


“July 22, 2002: 10:35 AM EDT
By Luisa Beltran, CNN/Money staff writer

WorldCom files largest bankruptcy ever

Nation’s No. 2 long-distance company in Chapter 11 — largest with $107 billion in assets.”

* “Largest bankruptcy” is relative. WorldCom was the “largest bankruptcy” before Lehman Brothers toppled over. Then Lehman Brothers’ title as biggest bankruptcy passed on to AIG, when the nation’s biggest insurance company crumbled. Somewhere during the Bush years, we also had the biggest bank failure in United States history when Washington Mutual disappeared from our consciousness.

Of course 9-11 happened right after Enron’s fraud was found out…the fear of the fog of war set in, until George W. Bush told us it was safe to go shopping at the mall again. Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff corrupted Congressional Republicans behind the scenes. We had rainbow-colored terror alerts, strip-tease conga lines at the airports (for which we had to wait in line for hours sometimes…oh yeah, hours), Afghanistan, the War on Terror, WMDs, WMDs, WMDs, Iraq, but we still had reality TV and, most of all, American Idol. Don’t you forget about the BIG FINISH! The Subprime-Mortgage Meltdown created by greedy banks, like Goldman Sachs, where Hank Paulson was CEO before becoming George W. Bush’s Treasury Secretary, before administering the $700 Billion Bailout to the Wall Street banks, like Goldman Sachs.

If you think that’s a run-on sentence, check out this one. Dick Cheney, who served in the Nixon administration, was George H.W. Bush’s Defense Secretary, only to become Halliburton’s CEO, only to become George W. Bush’s Vice President, during which tenure he issued Billions of Dollars in No-Bid Contracts during the Iraq War to…Halliburton! That’s H-A-L-L-I-B-U-R-T-O-N…you know, the Defense Contracting Company where Dick Cheney made millions of dollars as the company’s top executive. Halliburton, the company that botched the cement job on the offshore oil rig that bled black sludge across the Gulf of Mexico beaches, from Texas to Florida.

The Egregious Corruption during the Republican Administration of George W. Bush stings like a physical beating one tries to deny from memory. And the Heritage Foundation propagandizes for limited government now? Uh, Heritage Foundation, where were you when George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were in the White House? The Republicans of the 2000s just stole Trillions of Dollars from the American People without the Heritage Foundation making too much of a fuss.

* Yes, President Bill Clinton left Hundreds of Billions of Dollars in Surplus Money. In the first four years, the Bush administration put us Hundreds of Billions of Dollars in the Red (meaning losses of money) as a result of the Bush Tax Cuts alone. Then Bush & Cheney continued to throw Hundreds of  Billions of Dollars down a hole in Iraq: we spent over a Trillion Dollars in Iraq by the time Bush & Cheney left the White House in January 2009. But not before Bush tried to add an amendment to the Constitution banning gay marriage. Bush also tried to privatize our Social Security (meaning make our social safety net into stocks traded on Wall Street). He did manage to pass through the Republican-majority Congress a Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit without paying for it, though. Oh, yeah, Bush & Cheney also funded the Iraq War with “supplementals” or “off-the-book” accounting tricks. THE IRRESPONSIBILITY OF REPUBLICANS NOT PAYING AS THEY WENT ALONG CREATED THE MAJORITY OF OUR COUNTRY’S BUDGET DEFICIT TODAY.

Hello Heritage Foundation, I realize you as a self-serving, demagogic enterprise bent on duping the emotionally swayed groups of people in America who get teary-eyed at flag demonstrations and want to home-school their kids or want to pump as much oil from the ground as possible while receiving oil subsidies from the government without thinking too much about it, or who want to pay no taxes and receive no services from the federal government (except roads and bridges, and the postal service, and medicare and social security, and embassies abroad, and of course our military, and a lawyer if perhaps one can not afford one, and cops, and firemen, and teachers, and schools…ok, so government isn’t all bad as long as they don’t upset the memory of Ronald Reagan, the B-movie actor turned speech-giver and President of the United States, who sold weapons illegally to Iran in order to give money illegally to revolutionary soldiers in Nicaragua while leaving this country with a huge hole in our budget due to tax cuts and increased defense spending, as well).

“[The Iran-Contra Affair] was a covert operation taken at my behest.” – President Ronald Reagan, minute 10:50

“I only recall learning that there had been at some point a shipment of hawk missiles by Israel to Iran.” – President Ronald Reagan, minute 00:58

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