If you work for Goldman Sachs…

If you work for Goldman Sachs…

You can cause a Subprime-Mortgage-backed Securities Meltdown that demolished financial markets worldwide, and took down countries, like Iceland directly and Greece indirectly, but since you work at Goldman you get a bonus.

* Goldman Sachs was AIG’s biggest customer. Meaning, Goldman Sachs double-dipped on the bailout money. Goldman Sachs playing in Subprime fueled AIG’s demise.

If you work for Goldman Sachs…

You may be CEO when the Subprime Mess is brewing in the pot, but you can always move over to the US Treasury to mop up when the pot boils over the counter and onto the floor. Goldman Sachs, as the #1 recipient of the Wall Street $700 billion bailout, saw fit to thank the American Taxpayers by giving out more bonus money than the year before.

* At this point credit markets were frozen, unemployment headed for 10 percent (underemployment, 17 percent), 401ks were smashed, retirement plans delayed, housing values crushed. America was in the grip of the Great Recession, and Goldman Sachs gave out bigger bonuses than the year before. It’s tradition, you see.

If you work for Goldman Sachs…

You may not care that manufacturing in China takes away jobs from Americans and diminishes our manufacturing base while expanding our trade deficit, because “it’s cheaper” for your client. Ah, f*ck yeah! And you get a big, fat bonus. Slick car, fast and easy money. Well, I’m sure you worked long hours to get it, but here’s the thing…Your role in society is to help American society – jobs, new technology, and cancer research. These are just some of the reasons we have the financial markets. You guys are supposed to make everybody stronger, not just enrich yourselves at the expense of the majority of Americans.

If you work for Goldman Sachs…

You get a bigger bonus every year, no matter if you help or hurt society.

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