Or the majority of Americans who voted for Republicans…

…are mad as hell about the Great Recession, which was caused by George W. Bush and the Republican-majority Congress from 2001-2006. But the confused people who voted for Republicans in 2010 didn’t quite understand what happened during 2007-2008. These Americans got blindsided by corporate greed in the form of a glib man from Texas, with whom the average Republican voter just wanted to have a beer, despite the fact that W. was a recovering alcoholic. This man gave up alcohol as a crutch and picked up religion to lean against. He told us that he prayed, and we lost our jobs.

The Subprime Market was in full swing from 2004-2007. For the majority of that time period Hank Paulson was CEO of Goldman Sachs, one of the biggest players in Subprime. Goldman Sachs was also AIG’s biggest customer, which means that Goldman double-dipped on the bailout money in 2008.

It was in July 2006 that Paulson became Bush’s Secretary of the Treasury. Two years later, the two of them were pitching the American taxpayers for a $700 billion bailout of the Wall Street banks, like Goldman Sachs, which caused all the mess by making home loans into stocks and selling those Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) to other banks around the world.

Recap: (1) Hank Paulson made the mess (2) Bush appointed him Secretary of the Treasury (3) Bush and Paulson present to the American People the price tag of $700 billion for the mess that Paulson made (4) the cascading effect is 10 percent unemployment, 30 percent loss of home values, 50 percent loss of 401ks, and a lot of pain and hurt for the majority of Americans.

In 2008, we elected Barack Obama to clean up the mess, which he is doing. In 2010, just two years later, our economy is growing and people are going back to work. We’re building up a renewable energy infrastructure. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act helped our economy. We just dodged a financial meltdown, and the Republican voters in 2010 asked members of the party responsible for the mess to come back as the majority to have another go?

Republicans in Congress have been trying to dismantle Public Services, so rich people can have more money. Plain and simple. The Conservative Calamity continues in 2010. Fools, the Republicans have been eyeing your Unemployment benefits and Social Security for years. When we strip away all social services, we weaken the stability of our country. The Economy is not an abstract notion. The Economy is warm-blooded men and women, many of whom have children and aging parents. Unemployment benefits and Social Security allow us, as a people, to live and breathe in good times and in bad, in youth and in old age.

The American Economy = 70 percent consumer spending.

Meaning we need people buying and selling products & services with one another. This requires people having jobs and discretionary income, you fools who don’t understand anything beyond your own toes.

Remember, Medicare, Social Security and Unemployment benefits came about because of the Great Depression. The Great Depression was the result of Republican rule in the 1920s. Democrats had to clean up Republicans’ messes in the past too.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt cleaned up the mess from the 1930s and gave us Medicare, Social Security and Unemployment benefits.

In the 2000s, George W. Bush and the Republicans just stole Trillions of dollars from the majority of Americans.

Barack Obama led the clean-up effort to fix what the Republicans broke. President Obama also gave us Universal Health Care and Wall Street Regulation, while saving the US Automotive Industry and the US stock market.  We, the People, elected him to do that. And he did.

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