Remember Y2K? What about WMD?

Yeah, neither one turned out to be a real problem worthy of the scare put into us. What really sucked was T-A-R-P…when the banks got the government money but wouldn’t lend us, the People, any. You sheisty, Wall Street!

We got the best country on Earth as long as we keep talking with each other. That’s why I gotta say what I gotta say right now, before the election. Let’s have it out, straight. Before the voting’s done. Let’s visualize the closest thing to the truth about how we got to this point in time and what future actions we can take to manifest our economy expanding at a stable rate for the next 7 generations.

I don’t see much sense in voting for Republicans, since they caused the Big Mess. After the heist they pulled on the surplus that Clinton left, Voting Republican right now seems like asking for another dose of squeezing the Middle Class.

The Democrats take care of the Middle Class. Remember the late 1990s when everyone was flush with cash? Well, it’s not going to be like that, because the Republicans f*cked up the economy so badly that we have to track a steady path of slow growth while we (1)  put Americans back to work (2) pay down our debt. And in that order. After we have enough quarters of growth in the economy to support jobs that we lost and keep pace with the employment required by a growing population then we’re all good. That means we need 10 percent Unemployment to turn to 5 percent Unemployment.

Unemployment is so bad because of the lack of regulation during the Subprime-mortgage-backed stock market, 2004-2007, when W. was in charge. Some states, like Michigan and California, have roughly 13 percent Unemployment, because of the Republican mismanagement of our economy. The Republicans flattened the economy. Wa-Bam! Destructors, those Republicans. Why would anyone vote for the Republicans?

I’m seriously baffled by my fellow Americans who vote against their own self-interests. By all means, if you’re rich and want to stay rich, and that’s the main reason you vote Republican. Sure, that makes sense. I get it. But if you’re not rich, and you vote Republican, are you expecting some economic gain? Because that’s not the Republican modus operandi. Republicans are like Robin Hood in reverse – they steal from the poor and give to the rich. For real. It’s not an exaggeration. Go ahead and track the upward economic mobility of the Middle Class against the superwealthy during Reagan, Bush 1 and Bush 2. The super-rich got the Lion’s share of this country’s total wealth over the last 30 years, and the Middle Class got very few nibbles from the killings, I mean winnings.

I really wish we could start a Peace Keeping and Diplomacy mission that would end all wars on Earth. Our factories now working on behalf of the Military-Industrial Complex can instead make Solar Electricity and Hybrid/ Electric Cars. Let’s fund Life. Instead of building bombs, we build better schools. Instead of fighter jets and Aircraft Carriers, we build a renewable energy infrastructure, new high-speed railways, and renovate our airports. Remember the bridge in Minnesota that collapsed when Bush was President? We need to finance America’s infrastructure: retrofit and maintain our roads, bridges and highways. If we stop with the oil wars, we might have enough money left over to pay our teachers a higher salary, commensurate with their performance.

We will always have armed forces for Defense, but we do not need to spend more money on Defense than the rest of the world combined. We can do a lot more good with our Tax Money than we’ve been doing. It’s time to rebuild America for the majority of Americans.

Vote YES on Democrats…because Democrats roll up their sleeves to benefit the majority of Americans.

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