Thank You, President Obama – I have a job because of you

I have a job writing and advocating for solar electricity because of stimulus money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

I choose to get up every morning with the sunrise and use my talents on behalf of Electricity from the Sun, because I believe that building up a renewable energy infrastructure in America is good for our wallets, our national security, our energy independence, our environment and our economy. The Clean Energy sector in California is providing 10 times the number of jobs compared to any other sector, according to the state’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I have a job right now, after being unemployed for almost two years. And I made it through the tough times because of my Unemployment Benefits. Thank you, President Obama for extending Unemployment Benefits, and thank you President Roosevelt for starting Unemployment Benefits after the Republicans of the 1920s caused the Great Depression of the 1930s.

A week after President Obama took his oath of office I lost my previous solar job. Every single business in America, and around the world, was negatively affected by the Great Recession, caused by George W. Bush and the Republican-led Congress of the 2000s.

* Reminder: George W. Bush is President from January 2001 to January 2009, the Republicans have a stranglehold majority on both houses of Congress from 2001-2006, the hey day of Subprime-mortgage-backed securities is 2004-2007, Wall Street gets bailed out with $700 billion of taxpayers’ money in September 2008.

What happened with Republicans in control of our country’s government in the 2000s? A whole lotta not good.

President Obama deserves a “Thank You” from all of us. He turned our country around. Our economy is growing again! We are officially out of the Great Recession, by economists’ standards.

Obama also gave 95% of Americans a tax cut. Yes, the Middle Class got a tax cut, meaning anyone making less than $200,000 per year for individuals, or under $250,000 per year for couples, pays less in taxes because of President Obama. The Bush Tax Cuts mainly benefited the superwealthy. Now tax brackets over $250,000 per family get readjusted to Clinton-era tax levels. See, the Bush Tax Cuts were a bad idea in the first place: $1 Trillion of lost revenue.

Even though we are officially out of the Great Recession, we need to pad our national balance sheet. And right now, the Middle Class needs more help than the superwealthy. This nation rises or falls together. Time for the rich to stop bitchin’ and just pitch in.

If you’re a rich, greedy bastard I can rationally see how you could vote Republican.

But for anyone else, if you vote Republican you must enjoy being eaten for breakfast.

Understand the Trillions of dollars that were just stolen from the American People during the Bush administration, with the complicity of a Republican-majority Congress.

If you have any sense at all, you will Vote YES on Democrats across the board on Tuesday, November 2, 2010…because Democrats do the heavy lifting to clean up the messes left behind by George W. Bush and the Republicans of the 2000s.

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