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President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama is one exceptional guy. Yes We Can create long-lasting Change in America. We just need to vote for a Democratic-led Congress, so we can continue to improve this country’s Energy, Business, Banking, Education, and Defense policies.


“If you look at how we have handled this Financial Crisis, if you told me two years ago that we are going to be able to stabilize the system, stabilize the stock market, stabilize the economy, and, by the way, at the end of this thing it will cost less than 1 percent of GDP [Gross Domestic Product], where the S&L Crisis [Savings and Loan Crisis of 1987] cost us 2.5% of our entire economy –  a much smaller crisis –  I’d say, we’ll take that. Because we saved tax payers a whole lot of money…. 

The fact is that there are a bunch of folks who, during the course of this year, took really tough votes that they knew were bad politics because they thought they were the right things to do. There are a whole bunch of Democrats. Guys like Tom Perriello in Virginia, or John Boccieri in Ohio, or Betsy Markey in Colorado, who are basically in Republican districts. They won in the big surge we had in 2008. They knew it was going to be a tough battle, that these are generally pretty conservative districts, and yet still went ahead and did what they thought was right.

My hope in this election is that people who vote on the basis of what they think is right and have integrity, and aren’t just thinking about the next election, but are thinking about the next generation, that they are rewarded. That’s tough in this political process, because you have millions of dollars of independent money that’s pouring into those races. And they are being hammered by negative ads every single day. The question then becomes, do the millions of voices who came out in 2008 who said folks were interested in fixing our Health Care system, wanted a serious Energy Policy, wanted the kind of changes in our Student Loan Program that have allowed millions more kids to have access to college, that’s what we ran on, that’s what we’ve delivered. And my hope is that those people are rewarded for taking those tough votes. And if they are, then I think Democrats will do fine on Election Day….

Before we even passed Health Care, 4 million kids got health insurance that didn’t have it before, through the Children’s Health Insurance program…made sure that credit card companies couldn’t jack up your rates without notice….

If the point, Jon, is that overnight we did not transform the Health Care system, that point is true. It wasn’t Change you can believe in in 18 months. It was Change you can believe in, but, you know what, we’re going to have to work for it.

When Social Security was passed, it applied to widows and orphans. It was a very restricted program. And overtime, that structure that was built ended up developing into one of the most important safety nets that we have in this country. The same is true on every progressive piece of legislation, on every bit of progress that we’ve made. When the Civil Rights Act [of 1964] passed, there were still a bunch of folks down south who couldn’t vote. And I’m sure there were a bunch of commentators who said this law is not doing the job, there are still folks who can not exercise their franchise.

The point is that we have created a structure, we have put a framework in place that allowed us then to continue to make progress. That’s what we’ve done over the last 18 months.”

– President Barack Obama

Excerpts from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart…


For perspective:

Chronology of the Savings and Loan Crisis of the 1980s…


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