$$$Spending$$$ Mapped Out…



Source: Federal Election Commission, analysis of reports through Oct. 24
Raised from corporations as well as individuals, with no limits on contribuions and often secretly, this money is targeted by interest groups in key races, and has helped limit the Democrats’ advantage.NORTHEAST Republican groups have taken the fight to Democrats’ home turf. Several Republican groups with secret donors are part of a $2 million campaign against Democrat Ann McLane Kuster in New Hampshire‘s 2nd.

MICHIGAN 7TH The Democratic Party and unions have committed millions to back the freshman Mark Schauer. The G.O.P. and the secretive American Future Fund have injected more than $2 million for former Representative Tim Walberg.

OHIO The perennial bellwether is a major target for unions and conservative groups at war over health care overhaul. The 16th District is the second most expensive race in the country.


TOP 5 RACES Repub. Dem.
1. Mich. 7th. 1,103,855 2,943,209
2. Nev. 3rd. 1,801,230 2,739,022
3. Ohio 16th. 1,123,029 2,365,577
4. Va. 5th. 760,030 2,738,048
5. N.H. 2nd. 1,996,776 1,721,988
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