Vote NO on Proposition 23…

* CAVEAT: Beware the propaganda from the Conservatives.

False claim #1: Proposition 23 pertains to taxes. No, this is false. The Golden State’s Renewable Portfolio Standard is fully paid for. The RPS in California mandates that utilities create 20 percent of energy with renewable sources by 2010 and 33 percent by 2020. This amounts to zero taxes. Renewable Energy helps to stabilize the cost of energy in our state. Electricity from the Sun also provides jobs.

False claim #2: The RPS mandate from the State Government kills jobs. No, this is also a big, steaming pile of corn-fed horse’s manure.

Here’s some Cande-style journalism from ABC – example of reporting both sides of the Proposition 23 debate (it’s far from perfect, but they’re trying):

* CAVEAT: ABC uses False Claim #1. In the chart at the beginning of the broadcast, an icon reads “Proposition 23: Delay greenhouse gas taxes until unemployment drops.” Not surprisingly, with that wording the respondents answered 40% Yes, 33% No (28% were not certain).

** Once again, Prop 23 has nothing to do with taxes going up or going down. Voting NO on Proposition 23 has everything to do with creating jobs and stabilizing the cost of our energy in California, with clean, green CO2-free energy.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said the Clean Technology sector is providing 10 times as many jobs as any other sector.

“And they are very deceptive when they say they want to go and create more jobs in California,” the governor added. “Since when has [an] oil company ever been interested in jobs? Let’s be honest. If they really are interested in jobs, they would want to protect A.B. 32, because actually it’s green technology that is creating the most jobs right now in California, 10 times more than any other sector.”

* Assembly Bill 32 helped to create California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard.
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