It Could All Be So Simple…

Oh, America!

We could have a National Energy Policy.

A little bit of oil here, a little bit of natural gas there…a little bit of solar electricity here, there and everywhere the sun shines in abundance – like from California to Florida.


* Yes, oil and gas will help us wean ourselves off them. You heard George W. Bush – “America is addicted to oil!” C’mon, is that the craziest thing you’ve ever heard? An oil man like W. telling the country at large not to use so much of his family’s and friends’ product. I mean, Cheney was sitting right behind him at the time, because those words climaxed a State of the Union Speech. It was Theatre of the Absurd at its finest. You could hear Samuel Beckett clapping from a farther room.

But on with the show…We’ve identified the problem – “America is addicted to oil.” Oil causes wars and pollution. You know, like the biggest oil spill ever that happened in the Gulf of Mexico this year. Major bummer this oil stuff. We can drive electric cars, at a price everyone can afford. Of course, market factors…competing product values…carry the 2 and…well it’s going to take 25-50 years before we are done with our addiction to oil. Unless we do it “Cold Turkey,” but by the sound of John Lennon’s wailing I don’t think we ought to do that.

* Bonus: at 0:54 “Nucular Energy” : ) Was there ever such a simplistic man so assured of himself but so wrong? Coal is not clean, no matter how you burn it, silly. And nuclear energy actually costs twice as much as solar electricity when you factor in the cost of safely disposing of (or storing for all eternity) the radioacive byproduct. We already have a nuclear reactor in the sky that will be around for a million more years. It’s called the Sun. It provides enough energy to power all the electronics on this planet many times over, even when we transition to electric vehicles.

So, now the National S-O-L-U-T-I-O-N-S…

National Regulations for greenhouse gas emissions across the board. Did you hear that? The sound of fine silverware clattering. At rich oil people’s dinner tables. They just dropped their forks on the china plates. “The Rent Is Too Damn High!” Thanks Jimmy McMillan! : )

National Education. Teachers get paid more and get paid based on their students’ performances (based on national test scores taken by the students twice a year; the tests include math, science, reading comprehension, writing/ critical thinking, American history, one language other than English, as well as music and/ or artistic, creative expression).

Where do we get the money? We redirect some of our gargantuan Defense Budget toward our teachers’ salaries and our children’s schools; we do not need to spend more on our military than the rest of the world combined. We can fund Life instead Death. No more false wars, like the one in Iraq, that cost $1 Trillion-plus. That money could have gone to our schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, and helped to build up a renewable energy infrastructure (like solar electricity) here at home that will last for generations to come.

* I’d like to say all that’s Fande, but it can’t be because it’s a prediction of the future success of our country. Some of that was Cande, the wishful thinking kind.

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