Vote for Democrats in November

Register one person who has never voted before, and make sure he or she votes for Democrats. Why? We don’t want to let Republicans back in. They made the mess and aren’t even helping to clean up their own mess. The Democrats are cleaning up the messes left behind by George W. Bush. The Democrats benefit the Middle Class – the majority of Americans. Republicans stole all the riches and gave it to the rich. We don’t need another Middle Class squeeze…that’s why to vote for Democrats rather than Republicans, right now in 2010.

I beat this political drum because it is important. I can’t find a job right now because of what George W. Bush and the Republican-majority Congress of the 2000s did to our economy. In October 2007, the stock market started slipping from 14,000, and in September of 2008 (when George W. Bush was pitching the American public for a $700 billion bailout of the Wall Street banks) the Dow Jones Industrial Average floated in the 8,000 range. Home prices plunge, credit freezes, unemployment balloons over 10% in many states. Vote No On Republicans! The Result of Republican Party Rule is a “Whole Lotta Not Good.”

Feel free to use any of this with your “conservative” friends.

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