Vote No On Republicans!

Here’s a facebook reply from a “Stupid American”…

“Or… admit that Barney Frank and Dodd got us into the bad mortgage crisis and that Democrats were in control of congress since 2006 or that the stimulus, which did crap, cost more than the Iraq war (see the GAO). 🙂 Love Liberals…. never doing complete research. Damnit, broke my rule on politics on Facebook….

And I suggest you read this before you say you ever speak for Americans:”


Don’t be a “Stupid American.” Vote No On Republicans!

* You should not rely on a Wall Street Journal Opinion-Editorial written by a member of a Conservative think-tank and a Republican congressman. The American Enterprise Institute is a shill for corporate greed and exploitation of Middle Class Americans.


The mortgage crisis happened because of Wall Street making stocks out of shady home lending.

– Wall Street banks sliced up those stocks and sold them to banks all over the world, thereby amplifying our homegrown problem.

– The problem of Supbrime-Mortgage-backed Securities happened in full force from 2004-2007 (remember the Republicans had a stranglehold on both house of Congress from 2001 to 2006 and George W. Bush was President from January 2001 to January 2009).

-Frank & Dodd were in the minority party during the Subprime days, so there is no way that they had the political power to challenge the Republican hegemony.

Please educate yourself:

** President Obama and the Democratic-majority Congress are cleaning up the multiple messes left behind by George W. Bush and the Republican-majority Congress of the 2000s.

Messes that George W. Bush handed Barack Obama…

-The Dow Jones, aka stock market, drops from a high of roughly 14,000 in October 2007 to a range of 8,000 in the Fall of 2008; meaning people’s 401ks just got cut in half.

-Home values drop by 30% or more

-Credit markets freeze

-Unemployment is at 10% and underemployment is at 17%

-The false war in Iraq that continues to drain billions of dollars

***We are digging ourselves out of the worst economy since the Great Depression. George W. Bush and the Republicans caused the Great Recession we are in now.

If any of this information is news to you, please, for the good of our country…educate yourself. You can strip away your layers of ignorance one at a time.

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