Can we talk NUCLEAR?

Each nuclear energy plant costs approx. $2 billion (in 2005 dollars) and takes 5-10 years to build.

-Why do we need NUCLEAR?…Do we have enough Yucca Mountains to store all the radioactive waste?…Can we use energy from the Sun instead? (The Sun is a nuclear energy plant in the sky.)…Should we have a mix of some nuclear and some solar electricity to diversify our energy risks?

(By risky, I mean nuclear…there is no nuclear toilet other than Earth.)

* My solution: A plug-in electric car in every garage, a solar-electric system on every available roof. The Sun is the answer. Solar Electricity produces no radioactive byproduct. But if all of us decide to spend $2 billion per nuclear site to recreate the power of the Sun, that we then have no way of disposing of…well there’s not much I can do about it, other than provide the Fande beforehand.

Read the New York Times: “We’re Not Ready” by Op-Ed columnist Bob Herbert.

Thanks for the Fande, Bob!
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