Glenn Beck Lies…and Conservatives believe him

Here’s an email propaganda campaign from the Conservatives:

“Remember when Nancy Pelosi said, Just pass the HC bill and then we will have to wait to read it!!

Remember President Obama accusing people like Glen Beck and the Tea Party movement of lying and bearing false witness that abortion is in the bill.  He said he had a core ethical and moral obligation to tell the truth. (August 19, 2009)

Remember STUPAC- The pro-life democrats who believed President Obama, when he said he would sign an Executive Order that the HC bill would not be federally funded.  HE LIED, HE LIED, HE LIED

Just in today from “The National Review”

The Health and Human Services Dept is giving Pennsylvania $160 Million to setup a new High Risk Insurance Pool that will cover any abortion that is legal in the state.

And, in New Mexico, the new $37 Million High Risk Pool began enrolling individuals on July 1, 2010. They will start receiving benefits in august 2010, INCLUDING ELECTIVE FEDERALLY FUNDED ABORTION.

You will never hear about this except on FOX News.  Now we know why 80% of Americans wanted to KILL THE BILL.  Brace yourselves, this is just the beginning.

Pass this on to everyone you know with an email address and pray for this country.”

Here’s Fact & Evidence refuting those false claims:

Be very careful how you deal with Conservatives.

* Introduce them to Fact & Evidence. Ask them to use their critical thinking skills and encourage them to read various highly accredited sources of information to corroborate their viewpoints. (Hint: CNSNews is not a trustworthy source.) In this case, Conservatives allowed themselves to be duped by an email propaganda campaign.


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Contact: HHS Press Office
(202) 690-6343

As is the case with FEHB plans currently, and with the Affordable Care Act and the President’s related Executive Order more generally, in Pennsylvania and in all other states abortions will not be covered in the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) except in the cases of rape or incest, or where the life of the woman would be endangered.

Jenny Backus, a spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Human Services, said the charge is inaccurate. She said all high-risk pools — whether run by the states or by the federal government — will follow the same rules as do the insurance plans for federal employees, which only cover abortions in cases of rape or incest or when the life of the mother is in danger.

HHS says conservative accusations are wrong in several respects:

1) Pennsylvania hasn’t signed a high-risk pool contract with HHS yet;

2) States won’t begin providing services under the high-risk pools until Aug. 1, by which time HHS guidance will be in place;

3) HHS contracts with states make it clear that the federal government will be issuing guidance “so they know they will have to live by our guidance per the contract.”

Please tell Conservatives that “Right to Life” issues continue whenever human beings are breathing and sharing the Earth post-birth. Remind them that we spent $1 Trillion on a false war in oil-rich Iraq that killed possibly more than 100,000 innocent Iraqis and over 4,000 of our own troops unnecessarily.

There are so many “Right to Life” concerns outside the womb. These abortion debates, these hypothetical exercises, divert our attention from the Life & Death struggles of all of us fully formed human beings who need food, jobs, schools and housing.

Don’t let the Conservatives distort the truth and pervert the meaning of Life. Be patient with Conservatives. They are obviously very confused people and you may have to teach them how to use their critical thinking skills, so that one day they can formulate a logical conclusion for themselves instead of buying whatever Glenn Beck says hook, line & sinker. Conservatives, like all of us, are works in progress.

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