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Thank You, Kate Madison of Depoe Bay, Oregon


A Little Economic Realism

Op-Ed Columnist
Published: July 5, 2010


Kate Madison

Depoe Bay, Oregon
July 6th, 2010
12:21 am
…”So you have your doubts, but you are practical. You want to do something. Too much debt could lead to national catastrophe. Too much austerity could lead to stagnation.”

Now go ahead and say it, David! JUST SAY IT! Cutting our military budget in half would solve the problem. We would have money to create jobs, to put into schools and education, to increase the quality of health care. Shall I go on? I think the so-called “Demand-siders” (Brooksian snobism) get this! The people who do not get this are the free-marketers and the disaster capitalists! In a word– conservative Republicans. They don’t get anything except fearmongering, slashing the deficit, and passing tax cuts for the rich.

Talk about a deficiency in IQ! That is about as dumb as it gets–when our country is going to rack and ruin, yet we continue to act as policemen to the world, fight in two wars and appropriate more $$ for unwinnable wars! Did I say dumb? I meant CRAZY!

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