Cande from Howard Davidowitz

George W. Bush started a false war in Iraq (there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction). Cost = $1 Trillion.

The Bush Tax Cuts for the Superwealthy. Cost = $1 Trillion.

The Bush/ Paulson bailout of Wall Street banks in 2008. Cost = $700 billion.

* The Bush Securities and Exchange Commission allowed “self-regulation” (meaning: no regulation) by the Wall Street banks concerning the buying and selling of Subprime-Mortgage-backed Securities.

George W. Bush price tag to American Taxpayers= $2.7 Trillion. Sheeeeeeet!


Worse yet, Bush didn’t clean up his own mess. He overflowed the toilet and then closed the bathroom door…Bush left the mess for the next person who walked into the White House.

Now that President Obama is cleaning up the multiple messes left behind by George W. Bush and the Republicans, Howard Davidowitz says, “This is the most incompetent administration in my lifetime.”

Wow! George W. Bush’s team is the most incompetent administration. Bush made all the messes (plural). To call the Obama White House “incompetent” for cleaning up after Bush’s mess is demagoguery, sophism, deceit, and plain good-old-fashioned lying. You can click the link ( to hear Mr. Davidowitz for yourself. Warning: the conversation moves around, but there is plenty of conjecture and exaggeration from Davidowitz at the end of the clip.



George W. Bush was no FDR, but Barack Obama could be.

That’s the verdict of 238 of the nation’s leading presidential scholars, who – for a fifth time – rated Franklin Delano Roosevelt the best president ever in the latest Siena College Research Institute poll.

In office for barely two years, Obama entered the survey in the 15th position – two spots behind Bill Clinton and three spots ahead of Ronald Reagan….

And yet, the scholars rated Dubya a dud as a president, ranking him in the bottom five at 39th place.

That’s a steep drop from 23rd place, which is where Bush ranked when he entered the survey after his first year in office.

Bush got docked for saddling Obama with two bloody wars and a recession, and he got low marks for “ability to compromise, foreign policy accomplishments and intelligence,” according to the survey.”


“Barack Obama makes an appearance at number 15, three places above Ronald Reagan, which will have Fox News squawking about liberal bias. Obama is rated for imagination, communication ability and intelligence but falls short on avoiding crucial mistakes.

Nixon sits at number 30, boosted by high scores for imagination, foreign policy accomplishments and intelligence. He at least comes bottom on integrity and the ability to avoid crucial mistakes.

But buried near the bottom of that list – at 39th out of 43 – is G W Bush who only features in the top half of the list of attributes when it comes to luck and willingness to take risks.

He is close to rock bottom on ability to compromise, imagination and foreign policy accomplishments. He is second to bottom on intelligence. Apparently he is brighter than Warren Harding who was thought of as “amiable” even if his administration gained notoriety as the most corrupt of the 20th century.

Bush also comes next to last on his communication abilities which seems to miss the point that he very successfully sold Americans a war and a whole lot of policies they would have been better without.”

Fande = Fact & Evidence; Cande = Conjecture & Exaggeration

Bring your Fande, leave your Cande!

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