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England v. Germany; Argentina v. Mexico

Ah, England…it was a goal that would have tied it 2-2 at the half. That would have been a very different game if Lampard’s goal had counted. Instead, it was 2-1 at half. Then Germany got one goal, and then another. The emotional pendulum had swung Germany’s way.

Brilliant game all the way around. High Drama at the half and a dominant finish by the Germans, who are so precise with their passes and efficient with their movement of the ball. They strike swiftly and decisively, like Klose, or stop to take a look for the opening at the goal mouth, like Mueller. Next up: Argentina con Messi.

Argentina con Messi, Higuaín y Tévez…Coach Diego Maradona has the magic mix going. Tévez is clearly offside for the first score, but his blast from long range elevates him to “Goal of the Tournament” status.

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