Fox News Is Not News

Lured into Fox News from Yahoo business, I saw a video clip called “Financial Reform Just Costly Additional Bureaucracy?” and “Probe of Shorebank Nixed in Senate.”

Hey Rupert Murdoch, take your propaganda and shove it! You too, Roger Ailes. Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, you’re not fooling anyone anymore. As George W. Bush said, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…a fool can’t get fooled again.”




“ ‘I built this business to throw off a billion dollars in profit,’ Mr. Ailes said. ‘That was the goal from Day 1. In my own mind.’

Rick Perlstein, author of ‘Nixonland,’ sees a strong resemblance between Mr. Ailes’s political experience and his approach to television.

‘Like Richard Nixon, like Spiro Agnew, Fox News can never see itself as the attacker,’ he said. ‘They are always playing defense because they believe they are always under attack, which attracts people that have the same personality formation. By bringing that mind-set, plus the high energy seamless stream of the aggression of talk radio, he has found an audience.’ ”



George W. Bush and the Republicans in charge of our country during the Subprime-era, which was 2004-2007, caused the collapse of Wall Street banks, which they bailed out with $700 billion of taxpayers’ money.

-We now have 10% unemployment and near 20% underemployment.

-The US Stock Market lost half its wealth (the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped from a high of 14,000 in 2007 to below 7,000; and we’ve been hovering around the 9,000 to 10,000 range from summer 2009 to present).

-Housing values fell by 30% or more.

-Credit ceased to exist, and is slowly coming back (like molasses dripping down a tree trunk).


Obama and the Democrats are still cleaning up the multiple messes left behind by George W. Bush and the Republicans.

George W. Bush = $2 Trillion price tag

* $1 Trillion Iraq War and $1 Trillion Tax Cuts for superwealthy…oh and $700 billion for his 2008 bailout of the Wall Street banks. So, $2.7 Trillion. Anyways, it’s $2 Trillion-plus. $2 Trillion? (I’m doing an Edvard Munch “Scream”.)

Who wants to play Jeopardy?

Jeopardy Question: “Fake WMDs for a $7 billion no-bid contract to Halliburton in the Iraq War.”

Jeopardy Answer: “What is Self Enrichment?”

Dick Cheney was Halliburton’s Chief Executive Officer from 1995 to 2000, when he became George W. Bush’s Vice President.

* Cheney was also Secretary of Defense for George Bush, the first. Cheney goes back to the Nixon White House, as does Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense for George Bush, the second (known as “W” or Junior, I suppose).

Can you see the circular relationship?

“A market that is manipulated by politicians is not a free market,” said David Asman of Fox News…about Obama. Where was Mr. Asman during the Bush administration, writing for the Wall Street Journal Op-Ed section?


Oh, okay, he was writing for the Wall Street Journal Op-Ed section. David Asman, the Wall Street Journal Op-Ed section and Fox News…ah, I can just hear the word-association games being played in their dressing rooms. It starts with the word “Obama” every morning, and then it’s Conservative Spin Time.

Fox News is not news, and it should be labeled properly: “Fox Commentary.”

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