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USA & England this Wednesday

For England, it’s score or go home. For the USA, they have options, but scoring is always a good way to go.

This Wednesday at 7 in the morning on the West Coast, 10 am Eastern, the USA football team and the English Eleven will be playing in separate games, in South Africa. The respective outcomes will determine who progresses from the group stage and on to the knock-out stage of the tournament.

If both USA and England win, then we’re both alive with 5, points that is.

If both teams come up with a draw then the Yanks and the 3 Lions would be tied with 3 points a piece. Then it would be up to goal differential to determine which country’s team goes ahead with Slovenia – the top pointgetter with 5 points from a hypothetical draw.

As it stands now USA has 3 goals scored to England’s 1. If both games end 0-0, then the Americans would advance and the England players would go on holiday. Of course, it could go either way – the US team could be on vacation Thursday, but hopefully not.

As always, I just want to see a lot of goals. Good luck to Slovenia and Algeria, too. My heart is with the home team, though. I back Bradley’s boys.

For perspective, it’s a game. But it’s so beautiful.

Click for 2010 World Cup point-bracket by group:


A win = 3 points

A draw (a tie) = 1 point

A loss = 0 points

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