Roll Up Your Sleeves

Wow, that’s some hatchet job. Rewriting history, just like a Conservative.

Here’s my original response (two posts down):

And after you obfuscate my response by deleting most of it, you have no argument. All you have is another insult. Another ad hominem attack. What you exhibit is a false intelligence based on “fallacies of logic” and a misreading of history and poetry. I have yet to see you craft a cohesive, rational polemic.

Fallacies >>>

What I do see you doing is contorting facts & evidence, and flipping the truth on its ear. What culture are you trying to save? Demagogues Unite?

Sorry, C.C., sooner or later you’re going to have to face it. George W. Bush and the Republicans f*cked up our country good.

It’s up to Obama, the Democrats, and the rest of us to roll up our sleeves and help rebuild this country.

So, uh, C.C. start rolling up your sleeves.

Your fellow American

4 Responses to “Coming Undone?”

j333bass Says:
June 11, 2010 at 3:13 pm | Reply


Two words: “Bush”; “Republicans”

Your fellow American

The invective above is an “ad hominem attack.” Like a school-yard name calling incident, it is the absence of rational argument and logical sense.

“When you are not using reason and logic, you are being irrational and talking non-sense.”

–Copyright 2009. : )

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