Halliburton = A Hot Mess

Halliburton just goes from mess to mess collecting checks.

HalliburtonIraq war profiteer during George W. Bush’s presidency & Dick Cheney’s old company – did the inadequate cement job on the Gulf of Mexico gusher.


“With approximately 51,000 employees, we operate in approximately 70 countries around the world, and our corporate headquarters are in Houston, Texas and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Net Income 2009 = $1.2 billion, which is down from $2.2 billion in 2008, and further diminished from its total winnings of $3.5 billion in 2007.

* Halliburton spun off its subsidiary – KBR, which it used for the Iraq War – in 2007.

P. 62 of Halliburton’s public annual report for fiscal year 2009:

All by itself KBR garnered revenues of $2.2 billion in fiscal year 2007. That’s all taxpayers’ money, folks!

P. 66

“The District Court consolidated the two cases and the plaintiffs filed a consolidated petition against current and former Halliburton directors and officers only containing various allegations of wrongdoing including violations of the FCPA, claimed KBR offenses while acting as a government contractor in Iraq, claimed KBR offenses and fraud under United States government contracts, Halliburton activity in Iran, and illegal kickbacks. As of December 31, 2009, we had not accrued any amounts related to this matter because we do not believe that a loss is probable.  Further, an estimate of possible loss or range of loss related to this matter cannot be made.”

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