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President Obama’s Speech in the Gulf of Mexico (my version)

A meeting between the two largest countries bordering the Gulf of Mexico:

“People of the Sun…our Mexican neighbors with whom we share these waters, they know that name. The ancient Aztecs were the People of the Sun. That was a long time ago…

Let’s not dredge up the past any longer. Let’s get it together. We are all People of the Sun. We can not live without the Sun. And the Sun is a virtually endless source of usable energy.We can also benefit from the Sun.

This sludge that we drill from the Earth – Oil – is billions of years old. Yes, it is. The Earth has been around a long time. The Sun’s been around a long time, too.

It’s time to see the light. This dark stain on our beaches is a wake-up call. We must make a choice…

Either we continue increasing our consumption of oil year after year…

Or we find a new way to make our cars go and our homes power up.

I don’t know about you, but I like the beach. Hawaii is where I grew up. The ocean is a pleasurable place to spend an afternoon–driving by it, swimming in it. But not if it’s got oil all over it.

I will do everything I possibly can to make sure that this never happens again. This catastrophic spill is a demarcation point. Here’s the line – Never Again.

And now I look onto you, People of the Sun…Everyone…will you help me? Will you use solar electricity and plug-in electric cars? We can use the Power of the Sun.

Thank you very much. God Bless Mexico. God Bless the United States of America. May we both do well in the World Cup. Viva Joga Bonito! Long live the beautiful game.

As bad as this catastrophe has been…Life goes on. There is a brighter day tomorrow.”

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