The Oil Drilling Is Over! (If You Want It)

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Dear Salon dot com,

I would like to thank the creator of Berkeley Breathed. For years, I have been showing my friends, family, customers, and everyone who will stop a second, the “Final Stage of Oil Grief” cartoon.

Without his illustration, it takes me many words to convey a semblance of the meaning that he achieves in a single image. After 3-plus years of selling solar electricity, I still encounter steadfast ignorance about using the Sun to run our homes and power our cars. Sadly, a lot of Californians still think “solar” is for heating the pool only. Many adults are oblivious.

Especially now that oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico has brought us the biggest oil spill in U.S. history, I would like to have the cartoon creator’s permission to use his artwork on my blog.

Facebook friends decry the oil spill and then in their next post share their plans to go on a road trip through several states without even a hint of irony. What do you think powers your car? They don’t make the connection, I guess. I want to show everybody that there is an alternative means of energy, so they can still go on their road trip with no oil needed.

* The new Tesla Model-S will go 300 miles on a charge and recharge in 45 minutes (perfect lunch break/ rest stop).

Your Fellow American

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