The Story of Global Warming

The Earth will be here for millions more years. The thing is, depending on our actions and the eco-system repercussions, the Earth may not be inhabitable for us. Or…if we get a solar-electric system on every available rooftop powering the plug-in electric car in every garage, then we just might improve our economy, create energy independence, enhance national security. Oh, and the icing on the cake–we help our environment by not expelling any carbon emissions into the air while charging our homes and our cars.

That and continuing to improve energy efficiencies. We should start by “Changing the Source of our Energy”: eventually solar is 25%, oil is 25%, natural gas is 25% and all other renewables, like hydroelectric, wind and geothermal, make up the remaining 25%. No more coal; coal becomes our emergency stockpile. Natural Gas can be a transformational fuel for the next 25-50 years, because Natural Gas burns cleaner than coal.

We don’t need to build any more nuclear plants, because the radioactive waste from nuclear energy creates residual hazards, like cancer and unhealthy particulates seeping into our ground water.

The Story of Global Warming: THE END

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