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President Obama’s Middle-Class Tax Cut

Friends, Americans, Countrymen…Bring your Fande, leave your Cande!

This is still the greatest country the world has ever known as long as We, the People, continue to talk “with” each other based on fact & evidence, backed up by highly accredited named sources…and always with the aim to benefit the majority of Americans.

President Barack Obama and the Democratic-led Congress are working to benefit the majority of Americans…while cleaning up the multiple messes left behind by the Bush White House (Jan. 2001 to Jan. 2009) and the Republican-led Congress (2001-2006).


Here’s the Fande on President Obama’s Middle-Class Tax Cut…


EXCERPT from the New York Post on September 19, 2008:

“Obama…proposes tax cuts that he says will benefit 95 percent of Americans….[He] wants to raise taxes on those earning higher than $250,000.”

* Raise here means “to readjust” tax levels for the superwealthy back to where they were before Bush gave them tax cuts that added approximately $1 Trillion to our country’s deficit.


EXCERPT from the New York Times on March 25, 2009:

“While both the House and Senate plans protect the president’s top priorities, neither would extend a middle-class tax cut championed by Mr. Obama beyond 2010 unless a source of revenue to pay for it is identified.”


EXCERPT from Rolling Stone on March 03, 2010:

“President [Barack Obama] enacted the largest middle-class tax cut in history.”


EXCERPTS from the Washington Times from April 10, 2010:

“‘No one I’ve met is looking for a handout. And that’s not what these tax cuts are,’ Obama said. ‘Instead, they’re targeted relief to help middle-class families weather the storm, to jump-start our economy and to bring the fundamentals of the American dream — making an honest living, earning an education, owning a home and raising a family — back within reach for millions of Americans.’

Credits taxpayers may be eligible for include:

–Up to $8,000 for first-time homebuyers. The credit will be available through the end of April.

–Up to $2,500 for college expenses.

–Up to $1,500 for making energy-efficiency improvements to homes.

–For new vehicles purchased between Feb. 17-Dec. 31, 2009, the state and local taxes can be deducted.

–An expanded child tax credit providing $1,000 for each child under 17.

–The earned income tax credit now provides up to $5,657 to low-income families with at least three children.

Many workers have already received, through adjusted withholding in their paychecks, the “Making Work Pay” credit of as much as $800 for couples and $400 for individuals. For those who haven’t yet received the full amount due, they will get the additional money when they file.”


Sincerely, your fellow American

Fande = Fact & Evidence; Cande = Conjecture & Exaggeration

Bring your Fande, leave your Cande!

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