Pete Miser

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“Old News” from Pete Miser’s album, Camouflage is Relative (2004)

Every day I pull out 50 cents, pick up the news

Jews killin’ Muslims

Flip it, Muslims killin’ the Jews

Fake Christians get rich on some conservative shit

Greasin’ each other’s palms to extinguish the itch

It’s not Freedom or Democracy. It’s Capitalist!

Same system had me locked up in a slavery ship

Same genocidal reasons all these people are gone

Like the Chippewa, the Iroquois, the list goes on

News is nothing new. It’s propaganda and lies.

Common justifications tryin’ to legitimize

Gross historical crimes

That imperial vine

That be stretching across the planet to take over our minds

So a few, fat, inbred pigs can stack gold

And right now they after that Texas black gold

Just like before about a decade ago [first Gulf War in 1990/ ’91 with Bush 1]

It’s almost boring the story is so old



What’s news is old and what’s old is new

What up, man?

Yo, what’s good, son? What up with you?

Same struggle, different day, bro. I thought you knew.


Now let me speak for a second

on behalf of those we claim we representin’

With expansion plans and big weapons

Use for baggin’ land and cash-gettin’

In the name of the future and the present

Like the past and teach my ass a few lessons

About the reasons behind your transgressions

Liberty and Justice? Yeah, right!

You [George W. Bush] ain’t the type, so stop messin’….


(Pete Miser’s part)

Now I don’t wanna sound like a broken record, but look

We all know the politicians are crooks

Corporations cook the books

No one gets caught for what they took

And in the end we defend and elect ’em again

I can’t pretend that you ain’t heard this before

I know you’re sayin’–“I done been through this shit for sure

Anytime I start to win, then they flip the board,

Change up rules, confuse me and switch the score”

May as well run up in here yellin’ “Hit the floor!”

Brandishin’ guns, like “Everybody run your funds!”

Just them white collar thugs, ain’t gotta Hanukkahs

They got the system backin’ ’em up, just like the dollar does

George Bush is a criminal, like his father was

Abu Ghraib ain’t nothin’ new. What you thought it was?

Ain’t shit changed but dates and names

Unless the People take back the game



* The Subprime Financial Crisis was just getting started in 2004 when George W. Bush was re-elected and the Republicans still had a stranglehold on all 3 branches of our government. The “Great Recession” is the result of Republican Party Rule:

–Republicans hold a majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives (2001-2006)

–Republican President George W. Bush in control of the White House (January 2001-January 2009)

In 2006, We, the People, voted in a Democratic-majority Congress, but we still had to suffer through two more years of George W. Bush as President.


“Politics Schmolitics” from Pete Miser’s album, Camouflage is Relative (2004)

“He [George W. Bush] refuses to answer questions. He stays hidden in the White House, hoping you will mistake silence for innocence. One can only ask: If this has happened in four years [lies of WMDs to start a false war in Iraq] to what length will the same leadership go in another four years once freed of the restraints of facing the people for re-election?”


* If you still do not understand the Subprime Mortgage Debacle/ Credit Crisis/ Financial Meltdown caused by Republican financial policy (i.e., little to no regulation from the Bush Securities & Exchange Commission) please watch the following graphic summary at your leisure…

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