Obama OK’s Offshore Oil Drilling?


How does Eric Clapton play a guitar solo to that, man? C’mon, “Sunshine of your Love.” Since I started working in the solar electricity industry in 2006, Solar Electricity’s percentage of the Power Mix in California has not budged from 1 percent.

Because we just keep using more and more energy. Photovoltaics…Photovoltaics…Hammer-and-nail Jobs…Manufacturing back in the US…Localized Energy Independence…Stabilize the cost of running our homes and offices.

Photovoltaics means Light Voltage, energy derived from the Sun. Let’s double California’s Solar Electricity use in 2010! 2 percent! 2 percent!

Which is why we probably need to diversify our energy portfolio as a nation. So oil is 25%, natural gas is 25%, Solar is 25%, and Wind, Hydroelectric, Geothermal, et al. make up the remainder. We use the nuclear plants we have, but no more (reasons: radioactive waste, damage to ground water, cancer-causing, not enough Yucca Mountains to store it all). And we don’t use any coal…’cause that stuff is dirty, dirty!

* Coal can be our emergency stockpile of energy. That way we can also mitigate the defacing of mountains during strip-mining operations.

That is the future of America, what I just wrote above. In order to get there, we’re going to drill some offshore oil, while we diversify our energy portfolio and eventually comprise 50% of that energy-pie from CO2-free sources. We will probably have to appease the Coal States due to this F’n Great Recession. People will be in the right to defend their jobs, but it is not ok if your job endangers or weakens our country as a whole.

Eric Clapton is warming up his amp and doing soundcheck. All we gotta do is get a solar-electric system on every available roof! That will create jobs, jobs, jobs! Then Clapton can throw thunderbolts and electric sound waves from his guitar. After the show, we can take him for a spin around the neighborhood in the plug-in electric car charging off the Photovoltaics System.

Please spread the good words: Solar, PV, the Sun, Sol, Soleil,日
rì, الشمس., and many others. The big, burning ball of fire…that nuclear reactor in the sky…around which we rotate…the yellow star that wakes us up in the morning…is throwing off a lot of energy. We can use it to make electricity for our lights, cars, TVs, computers, air conditioning, and on and on.

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