Fox News is not News

Open Letter to the Federal Communications Commission:


Fox News is not News. They should not be able to call themselves a News channel.

Please make sure Fox shows “COMMENTARY” as the biggest chyron on the screen during editorialized shows, such as Bill O’Reilly’s and Glenn Beck’s. If it’s not news, they shouldn’t be able to sell it as news. That’s false advertising, not to mention lack of journalistic integrity.

The opportunity to mislead the viewer begins with mislabeling. Please label Fox News what it is. On commentary shows, require a chyron that labels the show correctly as “commentary.” This is for proper advertising. Fox is a product. Also, if the news does not make up at least half of the content on screen, then Fox can not call itself “Fox News.” If the channel provides mostly commentary, call it that: “Fox Commentary.”
Thank you

News is objective and impartial.

This is some beautiful, old footage.

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