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I will not tolerate Ignorance

Bravo to everyone who stands up against the Demagoguery of this man or woman, calling himself or herself  “Culture Crusader.”

You, sir or madam, are a Demagogue. Instead of basing your arguments on fact & evidence, you use emotional bias.

Reading your blog post reminds me of the “fallacies of logic” I learned along the way. #1 The ad hominem attack, like a school yard name-calling incident: “He wears purple shorts, he doesn’t know anything.”

In much the same way, using profanities like “A-Houles” and suggesting those who don’t agree with you perform [oral sex] is simply name-calling.

There is no logical argument in your post; it is textbook Demagoguery. Your brand of blogging serves to confuse rather than to clarify. You, sir or madam, are muddied in your own mind. By your own words you have proved that you do not exhibit rational thought or logical sense, and therefore you are being irrational and talking non-sense.

Perhaps you can gain the critical thinking skills necessary to formulate a cogent argument. Whenever you get the urge to name-call stop yourself, and begin your sentence again.

I am not using the terms “Demagoguery” and “Demagogue” out of context or flippantly. Re-read your post (featured below): it is an example of what not to do during intellectually honest discourse.

Dick Cheney enjoyed bullying others only to claim “frankly I’m insulted” when somebody called him on his misinformation. Cheney would play the victim, just as your post intimates Ann Coulter is playing the victim. In Psychology, this behavior is called “transference.” You, Cheney and Coulter contort the truth, distort the facts and deceive your audience.

I will not tolerate your or anyone else’s Ignorance. I will do everything I can to enlighten you and others who use Demagoguery as a basis for argument.

Your fellow American

Fande = Fact & Evidence; Cande = Conjecture & Exaggeration

Bring your Fande, leave your Cande!

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