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Competence and Excellence exhibited by Barack Obama and the Democrats

After the conservative policies of George W. Bush (2001-2009) and a Republican majority Congress (2001-2007) sending our economy into free-fall and causing the worst recession since the Great Depression…We, the People, elected Barack Obama as our President in 2008 (inaugurated in 2009).

* We also elected a majority Democratic Congress in 2006, but unfortunately we had to suffer through 2 more years of Bush.

Our economy is improving because of the efforts of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. We finally have leadership in Washington, D.C. again, thanks to the Democrats.

* Remember that the Republicans in Congress have done everything they can to stonewall and obstruct the rebuilding efforts of President Obama and the Democrats. The Republicans caused the mess and they can’t even help to clean up their own mess.

The Democrats are working to benefit the majority of Americans. Thank you for Universal Health Care. Now let’s focus on Jobs, CO2-free energy, Education…and Financial Regulation!

During the George W. Bush years it was Incompetence and Mediocrity at loggerheads.

With Barack Obama cleaning up the messes (plural) left behind, we can see America exhibiting Competence and Excellence once more.

Democrats = Competence & Excellence

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